Be bold.

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Deciding to be forward instead of beating around the bush, you throw open the door. The man glances up from his phone at you, then back down. He stops in his tracks, however, when his mind registers what he just saw. His eyes snap back to you, taking in every inch of you, lingering on each of your perky tits and your right hand now gently rubbing your pussy. You bit your lip seductively and take a step forward, extending your right hand toward him, still wet on your finger tips.

"Hi there," you say softly, "I'm (your name)."

It takes the man a moment to respond. "Uh, hi," he manages to get out, his eyes barely able to tear themselves away from your tits. They throb as your hand touches his, longing for him. You can see the bulge of his growing cock under his thin pants. He looks at your fingers when he feels they're wet, and pauses. Before you know what's happening neither of you can take it anymore. You take a step closer to him and he pulls you close and kisses you roughly on the mouth. His hand wraps around your back and slides down to cup your ass. You push yourself into him and feel his hardness. It excites you and you kiss him harder, your tongue flicking in and out of his mouth. He moans and moves his other hand to your ass, pulling you tight against him.

Pulling your mouth away you start undoing his tie, looking up at him through your eyelashes with a sly grin on your face.

"You place or mine," the man says hastily, his eyes revealing his burning desire to touch your now soaking pussy.

Health Horny Equipment:

Your Apartment

MP #
Level #1
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