Battle Royale

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The year is 2015. A sick new reality show has debuted on american television. Fifty high school students from Jamesville High are forced to compete in a bloody deathmatch that will last three days. The winner is the last one alive. Dropped on a deserted island and left to fend each other off, this is the first American Battle Royale.

Note by Tinner1212: Most of the different characters' stories will probably disagree with each other. We can't exactly get every CYOA writer on the site to coordinate with each other.


*There are explosive collars on your necks. Pull them off and your collar explodes.

  • You have 72 Hours to beat the game. If more than one person is alive by time the 72nd hour hits, all will lose.
  • Every six hours, a list of Danger Zones and Dead students will be read. (Names need to be written on paper along with Danger Zones)
  • Every danger zone causes your collar to automatically explode.
  • Every one bag containing a weapon picked at random, seven sandwiches, four sodas, a blanket, a map and a list of danger zones.
  • Have Fun!!!

Who Do You Want To Be?




Character: None
Alive: 50 students
Hours Remaining: 72
Weapons Aquired: None
Friends: None
Kills: None... yet

The reason that there is a () on the end of the question is so it doesn't mess with other documents.

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