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The genie smiles gleefully. "Wonderful!" He beckons you over. "Story pages consist of three parts. Now, this is important. A story lacking even one of these three parts becomes unstable and falls apart. A story needs page text, options, and a category. Repeat those, so I know you'll remember."

"Page text, options, and category," you repeat.

The genie mumbles some arcane words and summons an image:

Page text here

Do you:
*[[Adventure/Option 1]]
*[[Adventure/Option 2]]
*[[Adventure/Option 3]]

[[Category: name of story you're working on]]

"This is what the syntax looks like. On a page, it'll look more like this." He summons another image with a flick of his hands.

Page text here

Do you:

Category: name of story you're working on

"If the story has no page text, it's not a story. If it has no options, it's not a create your own story. If it has no category, the pages can't be tracked. You won't believe the mess unwary adventurers have left for the higher powers of this realm." He looks mournful for a second, then cheers up. "You can copy that exact format for stories, if you'd like, but remember to change the name. If you want to keep track of level, equipment, mana points or anything else though, you'll need a format with a status indicator. If you don't need to learn about that, we can go straight to advanced linking. I can also teach you how to create the category page correctly, put a page into multiple categories, or we can go to advanced formatting techniques."

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