Ask him to cum(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

He says he's gonna cum. You ask for him to cum in your mouth. Your on your knees in front of him, you wrap your lips around the huge head of his cock. You stroke him with both hands. You beg him for his cum, to shoot it on your face, to fill your mouth. Now you feel him tense up, his balls already shriveled up. He's close. You stroke and suck him faster, your mouth making love to his cock and your hands massaging his shaft.

He says he's gonna cum. You pull away, still stroking.

"Open your mouth and sick your tongue out," he says.

You do as he says, and a long thick stream of hot jizz shoots out and hits your tongue, followed by another and another covering your face and filling mouth. You hold it in your mouth and savor the flavor. Its so warm and salty, like nothing you have ever tasted.

"Swallow it down," he says. You swallow hard to get it all down and continue sucking. You massage his balls, stroking his shaft and sucking the head of it to get it all out. Your tongue licks the last bit off.

"That was amazing, when can we do this again?" You ask.

"Anytime just call me," he says. He pulls up his shorts says goodbye and leaves.

Your still horny.. what now.

Go out dressed up(SLBC)

Stay home and call friends(SLBC)

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