Ask for anal

From Create Your Own Story

"Fine," you tell her. "If you don't want to let me have sex with you, then let me fuck your ass."

Callie's mouth falls open. "What?"

"Let me put my penis in your asshole," you explain patiently.

"That's not where it goes..." she says weakly, looking a little stunned.

"Then let me put it where it does go, Callie," you respond.

"No!" She says hastily, obviously intent on keeping her virginity. "But why would anyone want to do such a thing?"

"People do it all the time, sis." You gesture at her magazine. "Don't they show it in there?"

She shakes her head. "No, just proper sex. Nothing like that..." She looks at you again. "Why would people even do that?"

"Because it feels good, Callie," you tell her. "And because it lets them not get pregnant, and keep their virginity." You look at her levelly. "And it will keep me from telling our parents about what I've seen."

How does Callie respond?

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