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Before we begin with the story telling there are things to make clear:

First of all, what is Angorea?

Angorea is a, in this adventure from townsfolk believed, supercontinent created by 7 individual gods. There are 9 big cities. Each of those cities have around 5 castles nearby.
Each of those castles are surrounded by a minimum of 2 towns. Each of those towns have around 3 villages nearby.
There are exceptions for races other than human. I wouldn't say that Angorea is a medieval continent since some regions have greater technology than ours, some less.
But the actual setting is medieval with small and/or manor steam-punk elements in some towns and cities. A map will be uploaded later.

What's the main content in here?

Since the operator is writing on a small line between an mature and an adult adventure story, the
adventure will have contents mild and explicit alike. If it gets violent. It can and maybe will be bloody.
If it's about private time. It will have private time. It's up to the reader if and how much content
there will and can be.

Will it be editable?

Yes it will be editable when the main story is done. After that I will observe what do people add, and if I don't
like it because of the content or because it doesn't fit quiet much into the story, time or atmosphere I will delete it.

Why are you doing this?

Because it's fun telling stories. And I hope mine will be a catchy one.

Do you:

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