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Good morning

You wake up abruptly in the middle of your dream. Curses. It was just getting good too. Something about you and your girlfriend being the last two humans on Earth fighting to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse, romantic bullshit. Whatever. It's not like it was possible or anything. Modern medicine has solved almost every ailment that has ever plagued mankind.

The year is 2114. Mankind has evolved into pretty much everything that was predicted in those crazy scifi books and movies. Large skyscrapers, self driving cars, neon glowing everywhere, fully operatable prosthetics, and last but not least, artificially intelligent robots. Almost anyways. Today is the big day you remember. You sit up on your plush bed and give a big yawn.

Today is Monday, April 16, 2114. It is 62 degrees out today. You need a jacket. Also, it is you and Tina's anniversary. Congratulations sir. said a smooth female voice which seemed to have come from the walls itself. It had a slightly robotic reverb like echo to it, but it sounded chilly and sexy. ZenoTech really knew how to market their product.

"Remind me to get my girlfriend a gift on the way home today." you say as your get dressed.

After a brief pause, your digital assistant vibrates in your pocket. the voice responds Of course David. Is their anything else I can do for you?

"No." You put on your suit and add a finishing touch to your tie and exit your house. You stroll at a leisurely pace to the train station. No matter how many times you see it, the GlobalCore office building across the street from your apartment will never cease to amaze you. It stood almost exactly a kilometer high, made of high density steel-black graphene, and covered with tinted glass at every floor. Of course, your DIA vibrates in your pocket, notifying that it was about to say something.

"What is it Eva?"

Incoming reports indicate that your train will arrive in 2 minutes. I suggest that you walk fa-

"I know what I'm doing", you intervene.

But sir, you have already been late 4 times this month. If-

"Shut up already Eva!"

I highly sugge-

"Quit nagg-"

Sir, you have 49 sec-

"I SAID SHUT UP!", you angrily yell at your device. You look around, and notice that a couple people were looking at you and chuckling, especially a group of young, teenage girls. Your face turns red as you briskly walk past them. Sometimes, you think that DIAs would be better off without AI.

Up ahead, you see your train with it's doors open. A mob of people are quickly que in.

"Hey wait!", you yell as the doors are about to close. In the nick of time, you just barely squeeze through it's thick metal doors. The neon light strip on the ceiling illuminates to a light blue as it starts to move.

"Bad day huh?", says a cool female voice behind you. It's your girlfriend, Tina.

"Hey baby!" you give her a big hug.

"I can see it in your eye brows hehehe!" she giggles. She's right though. Whenever something is bothering you, they hunch up ever so slightly. Part of the reason why you're dating her, is due to her acute attention towards the little things, that no one else bothers to look at. That and her incredible cyan-blue eyes.

Suddenly, her hand shoots down towards your crotch, and she begins to caress it. "You know, today's our anniversary." she says deductively."

"Y-yeah." you manage to gasp.

"I have a big wet surprise for you when we celebrate tonight..."

You flirt with her a bit, until she gets off at her station. The lights on the ceiling fade to a crimson red, indicating that the train is at a full stop. You wait till the train moves one more station before getting off.

You take a deep breathe before entering your massive 180 stories tall office. Today is the big day right?

Do you?

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