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Content normally found in R-rated movies, no explicit sexual content or sadistic violence:

Tipping Point 5 (Private) If you wish to contribute, contact me here.
Summer Sleepover W.I.P. (Private)
1st Day Of Highschool 0
101st 10 (Public)
120 Minutes Remain 77 (Private) Under Construction
5,000 B.C. 0 (Public)
710: Future Assassin 10 (Do Not Edit)
1943 35 (Public)
1968 6 (Do Not Edit)
A Bleach Story W.I.P (Do Not Edit)
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf 13 (Do Not Edit)
Adventures of Ty (or Others) 15 (Public) Please Contribute
Adventure through Mythology 5 (Do Not Edit)
A Firebending Story WIP (Private) Under Construction. Do NOT edit.
Aftermath 41 (Public)
Agent Black 0 (Public)
Aleron 16
All But One 0 (Private) Under Construction
The Assassin's Guild W.I.P. (Public)
An Actual Awesome Adventure 21 (Do Not Edit)
The Adventures of CJ: Vol. 1 12 (Do Not Edit)
Alorias Glory 8 (Public)
Amnesia 78
Am I Dreaming? 17 (Private)
Another Naruto Story 7+ (Private)
Another Pointless Story (The Ultimate Showdown) 101+
An Apocalypse Story 3 (Private)
Apocolyptia 4+
ArchAge: The CYOA W.I.P. (Public) - please edit
Automaton Soul W.I.P (Private)
Assassination Games W.I.P (Do Not Edit)
Assassins of the CIA 6 (Do Not Edit)
Awake 45
Awakened World: 7yrs Later 43 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Back in Time Again 100+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Back To Freddy's 0 (Private)
Badassery 20+
Batman vs Joker 18 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Battle of the Labyrinth 0 (Private)
The Battle for the Earth 10+ (Public)
Battle Royale 200+ (Public)
Beta Experiment: DNA Death Match 13+ (Do Not Edit)
Bio Wars  ? (Do Not Edit)
Black and White Backpack 6 (Do Not Edit)
Bleach: An RPG ? (Do Not Edit)
The blood disease 3 (Do Not Edit)
Bloodshed 16+
Bloodsport 54 (Just beginning, seeking other writers to add their own characters into the story.)
Blood Sunrise 25+
Book of Satan 13+ (Do Not Edit)
The Bracelet Mystery 1 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The Bringers of Chaos 9+ (Do Not Edit)
Burning Leaves 12 (Do Not Edit)
The Bulletman 14
Byzantium 0 (Do Not Edit)
Call of the Wilderness W.I.P (Public)
Can YOU Survive? WIP (Public) (please do not kill off any major characters, or make any major changes without asking)
Carnage 1+ (Do Not Edit)
Cartoonish Chronicles 1+ (Do Not Edit)
Catacombs 16 (Public)
Catch me if you can (Public) (Free to edit but don't kill off any major characters without asking)
Choice of Arms 5 (Public)
Choose your own Naruto Adventure 200+ (Do Not Edit)
Chronicle 0 (Do Not Edit)
City Life 12
City Life Manhattan 22+
Clock Tower: School of Devils 10+
Coffee 0 (Private)
Collapse  ? (Private)
College Wars 17 (Do Not Edit)
College of Killings 2 (Do Not Edit)
Complete,Utter Randomness 12+
The Conductor 0 (Do Not Edit)
Crappy Life 6
Critical Control 5 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Critical Thoughts 11
The Crusoe Challenge 0 (Public)
The Chronicles of Strange I. 200+ (Do Not Edit)
Darkened Hope 30+
Dating Game 34+
A day at high school 0
A Day In The Life Of A Dangerous Hitman 24+
D-Day 1944  ? (Do Not Edit)
Dead Reckoning 8 (Do Not Edit)
Dead Town 0 (Do Not Edit)
Death Comes Quickly 25+ (Do Not Edit)
Demon Hunter 5
Demon College 8 (Public)
Desperate Road Trip 49 (Do Not Edit)
Dogfight over Europe 35+
Doll House 40+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Dovahkiin W.I.P. (Public)
Don't Die 35
Donut Factory 2 (Do Not Edit)
Day In The Life: Vacation!!! 5 (Public)
The Deadly Creed 4 (Public)
Dibite W.I.P. (Public) Please contribute (Not all branches contain mature content, Please mark)
Diaper Virus W.I.P (Public) if you want to contribute please do
A Distress Signal 14 (Public)
Doll House 40+ (Private)
Dragon Ball Z 1+ (Private)
Dragon Ball Z:Quest 60+ (Do Not Edit)
Dragon Ball: your very own story 3+ (Do Not Edit)
Dragon ball ZT 19+ (Do Not Edit)
Drug Wars WIP (Do Not Edit)
Duel fates 15+
Encounter With Your Ex 3+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Enslaved 5 (WIP)
Escape from Syria 175+ (Do Not Edit)
Exalted: Second Edition 0 (Public) Please refer to Idea Pitches section before doing anything here.
Faction (Gay) WIP (Do Not Edit)
F.R. Theory 20+ (Do Not Edit)
Fiddlers Green 8
Fogwood High: The Game 30+
Game of Thrones 0 (Private)
Gears of war time 50+ (Do Not Edit)
Gehenna 23 (Editing rules inside.)
The Bringers of Chaos 13+
The Giant Building With A Million Rooms 175+
The Girl Down the Street 20
The Great War of Earth 7
The Grey Manor 5+ (Do Not Edit)
Glorious Bloods 2 (Do Not Edit)
Harry Potter: New Adventures at Hogwarts  ? (Private)
Hero's or Villains 10 (Do Not Edit)
Hetalia:A Sleep Over At America's House 5 (Do Not Edit)
Hetalia Days 0 (Do Not Edit)
High School Blues 30+ (Do Not Edit)
High School Drama and Romance is Stupid 10+ (Do Not Edit)
HighSchool  ? (Do Not Edit)
Hitman 11+ (Do Not Edit)
Hoboken Has Gone to Hell 25+ (Public)
Hollywood U (based on the game)  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The horrors 10+ (Do Not Edit)
How I Became A Necromancer 4
How to Be a Princess 12 (Private)
Hunteria's Rising 10+ Collaboration with Rwenmax and Michaltheanhur
Identity Crisis 5 (Do Not Edit)
Identity Gun  ? (Do Not Edit)
I like Cookie 10+
Immortal You  ? (Do Not Edit)
In The Army 25+
In The Beginning 3+
Infectional Survival 13+ (Do Not Edit)
InFeRnO 4
Insert Word Here 2
An Interactive Game Of Thrones Story  ? (Do Not Edit) Unless You Are Authorized by me
It's Not Hard to Fail, It's Not Easy to Win 5 (Public)
It's Only Wednesday 5+
Jim's Barbeque 15+
Jojo's Choose Your Own Bizarre Adventure 13 If you wish to edit or make any suggestions, please contact Fredhot16.
July 5-6, 1944 6 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Katarina's Adventures 83 (Do Not Edit)
Kelly plays a barbarian girl 5 Template:Public.
Kemp 10 (Public)
A KlAksakAR's adventures in the Empire of MikkoMMM 10 (Public)
Kidnapped 31 (Do Not Edit)
A Knights Quest 20+
Krime or Kop King 7+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of a Legend 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of an Abused Emo 3+ (Public)
Life Of a Rouge 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of Rayne 0
Life of Who? 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Live and Let Die 0 (Public)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Romance) 12 (Public)
Luigi and Mario Stories 175+
Machine of Magic 33 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Magical World of Hetalia 25+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Mahjor's Box 8 (Do Not Edit)
MalinovyÄ­ - The Red Planet 8 (Public)
The Martyred  ? (Do Not Edit)
Medieval Life 11
Mess Effect 2 50+
Your story 0 public or private
Monster Hunter  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
moon light 8+
mlpAri W.I.P. private#
Murder Mystery 18+ (Private)
My Only Stars! WIP ((Public), but it's preferred if you're part of the Ensemble Stars fandom before editing!)
My Little Pony Love is Magic 0 (Private)
Naruto's Friend, you 25+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Nations At War 15+
Nature Calls on a Nature Hike 7
The Never-Ending Quest 30+
The Never Ending Quest for Prison 0 (Do Not Edit)
A New Beginning 12
A New Life 40+ (Public)
The New Overmind 10+ (Public)
A New Persona 3+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The Next Day 3 (Do Not Edit)
the night at home 14
Nikon Academy  ? (Do Not Edit)
No More Love from Him Work In Progress (Private)
Nothing Hidden 0
Nudisma Terena 0 (Public)
Obelisk  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Office Lady 5 (Public)
OF, Z!!! 9 (Public)
On a Boat 7 (Public)
One Princess, Four Princes? Choices. 15 (Public)
The Only One  ?
Operation: Escape 1 (Do Not Edit)
Our Way 7+ (Private)
out in the woods 6
The Outbreak 7 (Do Not Edit)
Perspective 7 (Public) Contribute as you see fit
Perverticus 4
Piggy's Day 466 (Public)
Points of Light 0 (Private)
Politica 4 (Do Not Edit) (Spanish)
Poke 5 (Do Not Edit)
The Powers That Be 2 (Do Not Edit)
Prom ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Pure(Lesbian romance stories) ? (Private) Rated mature for lesbian content but no adult content.
Psychodude 30+ (Public)
quest to kill tutorial genie 6 (Public)
Rebellion 5+ (Do Not Edit)
Ragnarok Under Construction (Public)
RAGE 19 (Public) - feel free to edit.
A random story 333+
A Random Story About Random Stuff 100+
Random III 25+
Random Four 25+
The Random Quota 5 (Private)
Realm of Wonders  ? (Private)
Red and Blue 0 (Do Not Edit) (WIP)
Remember 70 (Do Not Edit) (<--Previously Featured!)
Rescue 36 (Do Not Edit) (Complete)
Resident evil 53 (Public)
Resident Evil RPG 3 (Do Not Edit)
Run From The Mob 10+ (Public)
Say Goodbye 11+ (Private)
School Life 6 (Do Not Edit)
Seek 10 (Do Not Edit)
Segon 103 (Do Not Edit)
Sengoku Basara: Romance 24 (Do Not Edit)
Serial X 25+ (Public)
Sh*t Happens, in Your Town. 12+ (Do Not Edit)
Short And Random Stories 250+ (25 stories)
The Short But True Story of The Secret Passage 25+
Short of Darkness 2
Sisters Love 15+ (Do Not Edit)
Silent Hill: Distorted Fantasies 80+ (Do Not Edit) (Previously Featured)
A Simple Adventure0 (Public)
Skyrim Adventures  ? (Private)
Slave 0 (Public)
Sleepless Night 0 (Private)
Smash Bros A New Home 0 (Public)
Smile 180+
Sniper 38+ (Do Not Edit)
Sonic 1 10 (Public)
Sonic & Shadow 26
soul evolution 6+ (Public)
Space Ship Excalibur 14 (First Mission complete, more to come!)
Spirit Warp 40+ (Do Not Edit) feel free to play though!
splinter cell 3+
Spongebob's Day Off 90+
Spongebob the apocalypse 25+
Spongebob VS Patrick 40+
Spongebob Squarepants: A Dish Served Cold 8 (Public)
Spongebob Gone Wrong 5+ (Public)
Star Trek sluts
Star wars ? (Private)
Star Wars: Dawn of the New Republic 13
Star Wars: the last rule 0 (Public)
Steampunk Adventures0(Public)
Survival 30+
Super-Dream ? (Public) Please edit! The fire and blood powers are not finished, and you're free to finish them.
Survivor: Zombie Apocalypse 4 (Do Not Edit)
Super Self-Help Survival Guide  ? (Do Not Edit)
Super Survival 17+
Swimming Pools  ?
The Paths We Take WIP (Do Not Edit)
the sword of death 0 (Do Not Edit)
The Dark Assassin 30+ (Public)
Team Fortress 2: RED vs BLU 30+ (Do Not Edit)
Team Fortress 2: Spy vs. Sniper 40+
Tesco Midnight Run 25+
Thought Of Me 200+
Time for Master time  ? (Do Not Edit)
The Touch Of Fear  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Tres_Coetus_Coloris 50 (Do Not Edit)
Triforce 30+ (Do Not Edit)
Trust No One 0 (Do Not Edit)
The Twin Empires 10+ (Ask for permission) Continuing the main storyline, seeking other writers to help grow the story by adding their own characters
The Undead 50+ ((Public) Help Wanted!)
UNDERTALE: Surface Life (Public) Please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Any contributions that do not follow these rules will be deleted.
UNITY: The fall of humanity 7+ (Do Not Edit)
University Secrets! 14 (Public)
Unknown Tales 2+ (Public)
Unfractured 0+ (Do Not Edit)
Untitled 1 (Public)
The Unsuspecting Adventurer 1 (Do Not Edit)
Urban Explorer: A Descent Into Madness 30+
Violence 20
AMC's The Walking Dead  ? Based on the Walking Dead show by AMC. This is a fan story, I do not own Walking Dead or its content. Written by Alex Brownstone
The Ward 0 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The War Fighter Program  ? Collaboration with Michaltheanhur
war in Europe 100+
Fictional Stories from WW2 0 (Private)
Warhammer: Sartosa, City of Pirates 150+
Warhammer 40,000: Renegade 6 (Public)
The Wasteland 11 (Public)
Week of the Zombies 25+
Welcome, Governor: A tale of the Terran Commonwealth 0 ((Private) PM for details.)
Whodunit? 0 (Do Not Edit)
A World Blooms 88 (Do Not Edit)
World Undone 15+
Xozen Infection 34+ A zombie Story, (Public)
You Are God W.I.P. (Public)
YOUR CRAZY 18 (Public)
Your Own Game of Life 1 (Public)
Your story 0 (Public)
Zach 15+
Zed Day 3 (Do Not Edit)
Zombies 6
Zombie Apocalypse 8 (Do Not Edit)
Zombie blood 35+
Zombie Castle 94 (Do Not Edit)
Zombie Judgement Day 35+
Zombie Overlord (Mmmm...Brains) 50+ (Public)
Zombies NOT AGIAN 13 (Do Not Edit)
The greedy Ninja and her Treasure 0 (Public)
Zombies city 3 (Do Not Edit)
Zombehz 10+ (Public)
Zombies 2.0  ? (Public)
Zombie Apocalypse: Reverse Harem?!  ? (Do Not Edit)
Omorashi escape room  ? (Private)
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