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You a having a very realistic dream. You are walking through the suburbs of Harrisville, pop. 600,000, when you see the local park of your neighborhood. Atop otitis a figure warped in strange garb. You are irresistible pulled towards him or her you can't really tell. You walk up the small hill it is standing on, and as you get closer you see that it isn't human. It stands at about 4 feet tall and floats about a foot of the ground. It is where strange garb that flows behind it and looks like a mix between ancient Egyptian and Australian. It has a kinda of gecko look to it with only for long fingers on each hand. You look down at its feet but you can't see it underneath its clothes. It looks you up and down before finally speaking to you. "Greatings," it said,"I am Ilspar. I was sent to this planet from Calneeum to find champions for the four guilds. You are one of the very, very, very few that I have found worthy here. You will be given powers beyond your wildest dreams if you accept this opportunity. If you don't you will be immediately disengaged to keep or civilization a secret. I will be sending you a package tomorrow with all the information you need to know. Know if you can excuse me I need to go, the charge you a fortune for long distance dream invasion." Ilspar turn around and starts to fade away. You watch him disappear completely before leaving the hill.

Alien CHAMPION/Wake up

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