A bisexual woman.

From Create Your Own Story

Your mother named you Charity. When you were young, you believed it meant giving to people. Now, some 20 odd years later, you fall more into the belief that your 'charity' was sharing yourself with people. Whether it was by helping them, talking to them, or sleeping with them.

You have always enjoyed the company of both men and women, both by your side and in your bed. There was always something about being able to experiment with every situation that really excited you.

Here in Babylon, you can do pretty much anything and anyone you please. There are no set schedules, and most people are just waiting to be asked to follow you somewhere 'more private.' Or less private. This place is very accepting.

Many people here are exceptionally open about their needs. Just this morning, a man took the liberty of feeling you up in the elevator. You were at the top floor of a 40-floor building and heading to the bottom, so he had lots of time. When the doors finally opened, the stranger separated himself from you, and you both went on like normal. Just another average morning at Babylon. (Yesterday, you gave another guy a good licking during lunch. In return, he gave you the location of one of the academy's clubs - the Dark Room - and said to give them his name to get in.

It is now a little after 8 in the morning, and you have all day to do whatever you want to. You can head over to the breakfast hall on the East side of campus, which is known for being very tame and boring, or you can get more than just a bite to eat at the diner to the Southwest. Otherwise, you could skip breakfast and snoop around campus for some 'action' and see what people are up to. The Dark Room won't be open until after twelve, so you'll need to pass the time until then.

What do you decide to do?:

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