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Seldin House

  • Husband - Bryan Seldin
  • Wife - Mora Seldin - afro-american manager at the local grocery store. In her 21 years old she still has girly figure and sharm of youth. Her eyes are brown almost black. She has black curly hair, which she straightens now. Her bra size is 32B. She is a newlywed (10 months) and new in this environment.

Scheer House

  • Husband - Roger Scheer 39 years old business owner. He has his own construction company. Couple of years ago he had athletic figure, but now it has some overweight. Roger has 6'0 of height. His hair is short and eyes brown. Usual appearance, but he has a charisma of mature successful man. You secretly hating him for his conceit, maybe not to secretly.
  • Wife - dr. Katherine Scheer - 34 years old family therapist. She has long auburn twisted hair, dark eyes, long legs, trim figure (5'8) and bust size 38D. Her skin is dark, saying you about her hispanic background.
  • Daughter - Lena Scheer - 16 years. Attends local high school.
  • Son - Marcus Scheer - 15 years. Attends local school.

Buren House

You aren't close with Buren family.


Petrie House

You aren't close with Petrie family.

Taylor House (Your)

  • Husband - Daniel Taylor (you). 38 years. Keep himself in shape. Tall (6'2) and still handsome. Short hair and brown eyes.
  • Wife - Janine Taylor. 36 years. Now she is in the prime: slender body (5'4), long black hair, blue eyes and huge 36F bust size. By her figure you can understand that she also trying to keep herself in shape.

Bromley House

  • Husband - Chris Bromley - is 41 years old office clerk. Works in the downtown in the same building as your wife. His height is 5'11. He has blue eyes and black hair with baldness which he already started to shave almost under the root to conceal the obvious. He is married for 18 years, but he fell for your wife (hopelessly) which causes him much troubles at home. You opinion about him - is that he is a jerk, because no matter how boring is his marriage or how much he is in love with someone else, no one can show neglect to his family. It also look like he will throw everything for your wife's single word.
  • Wife - Ellen Bromley - is 39 beautiful housewife with short blond hair and brown eyes. Her figure is still sporty and slim with height of 5'7. Her bust size is 34B. Even now in her current age she is one of the participants of your erotic dreams. 18 years ago when she got married, her career was going uphill, but she fall in love with young perspective manager and left to be a housewife. Now her life is sucks, because both her male family members are in love with another woman (your wife). This circumstance made her easily manipulated by opposing her with your wife.
  • Son - Shaun Bromley. 16 years. Attends local high school. Has good brains. Tall (6'1) and got the makings of a handsome man. He has short blond hair like his mother, brown eyes and square jaw. He is green when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. In the conversation with a beautiful woman he can't put two words, especial near your wife.
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