...shoot your load all over Callie's chest

From Create Your Own Story

You aim your swollen pole at Callie's breasts and shoot jet after jet of hot, sticky sperm onto her skin. Callie shudders and her eyes widen as you coat her chest. When you're finally done spurting, you lie down next to her and give her a soft, tender smile.

"Oh, my," Callie murmurs, looking at her sperm-coated chest. She stares in what appers to be shock. "What should I do now?"

You guide her hand to her chest, dip her fingers in the sperm and bring her hand up to her mouth. She licks it off her fingers. "H'mmm," she mutters.

You reach over and pick up Callie's discarded blouse. "Let's clean you up," you whisper, wiping your cum off her body and then cleaning her own orgasmic fluids off her pussy and thighs. You toss the blouse into the hamper.

"Um," Callie says softly. "What now?"

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