...in Callie's bedroom, again

From Create Your Own Story

After the rest of the family leave, you join Callie in her room. After holding her lovingly in your arms for a bit and some kissing, the clothes eventually come off. You kiss all over her sweet, beautiful body, showing her the full pleasures involved with the tender indignities of physical love. When you drink her honey from the source, her legs wrap around your head and she floods you several times with nectar.

"Wow," Callie purrs. "Physical love is so much better than I thought."

"That's because I truly care about you," you reply. "It's only good when you're with someone who likes you for more than just your body."

"You're very sweet," Callie whispers happily. You teach her how to reciprocate and after her mouth gets you hot, you make love to her from behind and after giving her several more orgasms you pull out and coat her back and bottom with jism. You clean up and re-dress before your family can return.

"I love you so much, Callie," you tell her as you hold her tightly against you. "I want us to be together... always."

Your family thinks you're a wonderful brother because you let Callie move in with you as soon as you got a place of your own. You and Callie spend many happy years together on Earth before spending an eternity of happiness together in Heaven.

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