UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny

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UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny
Date Held June 27th, 2010
Location Ridgeville, SC
Participating Feds UWO,NAX,AZW

UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny is the June 2010 show for the Underground Wrestling Organization.


Gimmick Infringement defeats Scream Team The opening contest saw Gimmick Infringement successfully defeat the Scream Team. Gimmick Infringement won the match by delivering the royalty check to Jason Myers. After the match saw the UWO crown an official commissioner as Paul, the man who was beat up by Gimmick Infringement declared himself the official commissioner of the UWO... before he was beat up by Gimmick Infringement again.

Imposter Asylum wins Xtreme X Gauntlet Match to win the UWO Xtreme X Championship The second match saw an Imposter Asylum win the Xtreme X Belt from Asylum ending his 13 month reign. Hall pinned L.A. RaZa. Asylum made Hall submit. Asylum then followed by pinning Alan M, Kid-Saneo, Big-Saneo, and Rocman Da Pimp. After wards the same Imposter Asylum that beat Asylum up during his UWO XIV Promo beat Asylum with his own Murder-Go-Round. That man who pinned him was none other than Tray D. Marks one of the two members of Gimmick Infringement who helped Asylum win the belt 13 months previous.

Before the third match got started Rocman Da Pimp was beat up by the AZW and removed from their stable. AZW now consists of Bull McBride and Malice.

Ronnie Rave defeats Big ET via Submission The third match saw the UWO Return of Ronnie Rave as he successfully defeated Big ET by making him submit to the Pressure the Hinges. Big ET followed the match up by jumping Rave from behind and delivering a Sick Kick to the face.

Sterling Silverman defeats Bull McBride and Sean Van in a Triple Threat to retain SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship. The next match saw Sterling Silverman successfully retain the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match with Bull McBride and Sean Van. This match saw many highlights including Bull McBride's AZW counterpart Malice getting involved with chairs and a kendo stick. Sterling Silverman won by delivering the 360 Shining Wizard to Sean Van for the 3 count.

Kurtis Spade defeats Malice to retain the UWO Heavyweight Championship The Main Event saw Kurtis Spade successfully retain the UWO Championship


# Matches Stipulations
1 Gimmick Infringement defeated Scream Team Tag Team Match
2 Tray D. Marks defeated Asylum (c), L.A. RaZa, Hall, Kid-Saneo, Alan M., Big-Saneo, and Rocman Da Pimp Gauntlet Match for the UWO Xtreme X Championship
3 Ronnie Rave defeated Big ET Singles Match
4 Sterling Silverman (c) defeated Sean Van and Bull McBride Triple Threat Match for the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship
5 Kurtis Spade (c) defeated Malice Single Match for the UWO Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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