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Serif is an American backyard wrestler, who's started his career off in a fed known as K.O.W. He would later move on to the BWB and the XIW. Becoming widely known as "Big Evil" "The Silverback" and many other surnames. Serif reached an all time high becoming a 9 time world champion.

K.O.W and X.W.A

Serif got his start in K.O.W (Kings Of Wrestling) where he is a former 3 time KOW Heavyweight Champion and a 2-time tag champion both times with RK-Crazy (Roman Komorski). Serif and RK-Crazy had first started off as rivals hellbent on the other's demise. Serif showed great strength and determination while Rk-Crazy showed more speed and agility.Both men's hatred for one and other simmered down over time and i the final days of K.O.W Serif and Crazy managed to put their differences aside long enough to capture tag team title gold. They became known as "The Kings Of Backyard Wrestling" Unfortunately due to K.O.W's closing down and departure the team was short lived in the K.O.W. Both men went on and agreed to join with a company by the name of XWA. Both Crazy and Serif were added to the roster in a matter of weeks. Serif made several promos calling himself "The Silverback" and claiming he was coming to XWA to take what he wanted. Unfortunately before either superstar had the change to compete in the company, it folded as well.


Serif had come to BWB in the Five Man Fortitude match to crown the BWB United States Champion which had involved AJ Landos,Christian Chaos(Cassias Chaos),RK Crazy, and (a man Serif would become very familar with during the course of that year) Dice. Serif had entered the match going after everyone Serif had eventually eliminated Landos following an Air Raid Crash. The Final two in the five man fortitude match were Dice and Serif.Serif was unsuccessful as Dice had put Serif into the STFU locking pressure on "The Silverback" and making him forcibly tap out. Serif then had fought Dice in a One on one almost winning it until Dice had rolled him up into a jackknife pin which Serif couldn't escape. The next week, Serif appeared with the K.O.W Championship, claiming himself to be the last K.O.W Champion and still the current one. Serif would later go on to introduce a new wrestler to the B.W.B that went by the name of Slick. Serif began coaching Slick and becoming somewhat of a mentor to him. A few promos were aired of the two and this culminated in a match for the hardcore championship which Serif watched on as his trainee became champion. Serif proudly raised Slick's hand and called him hardcore champion. However Slick has a tendency of missing too many tapings which ultimately led to his release, which also caused the storyline to be dropped completly and the only mention made of Slick was an announcer saying before the show "Well folks, we're no longer letting nobodies be somebodies here, you need a contract with the company in order to be a champion, sorry Slick." and later on during Serif's match, a comment was also made about the dropped storyline "Serif thinks he's so Slick. So did his partner and now look where he is" Serif's past with Rk-Crazy in K.O.W began to be ecknowledged more and more. Showing Rk-Crazy in backstage promos talking about their past. Serif would continue on to face off against Crazy, respectively losing the K.O.W Championship. Serif was once again set to square off against Dice, a match in which Serif won. As WOW restarted, this caused a switch of events.Dice turned heel, making Serif a face. Serif's arrogance and attitude didn't change however and he continued to apply his domanice into all his matches.Serif and Dice would team up under rules of management to face The King's Court in a tag team match, a match which the two won causing more unwanted tension between the two. The WoW began attacks on Serif, in which Serif would endure. Serif began showing an all around badass attitude when he went onto the structure to call out every wrestler in the BWB who had 'beef' with one and other to get out and air their dirty laundry. Many superstars showed up and the whole act turned into an all out brutal brawl in which, Serif joined in, the showed closed with that. Not soon after Serif would begin to take on WoW on his own and soon after began to recruit the likes of other dedicated BWB members such as Crazy, Landos, Johnny Eggz, and Bastion Reckonz. This would all culminate into a storyline for the future of BWB. At the BWB's first ever supershow, it was threathened to be their last. Serif took on Dice for the BWB USA Championship, a match which Dice was screwed out of, by his former teammate Christian "The Kid" Chaos whom believed Dice screwed him out of his match earlier. The two began a rivalary of their own. Serif happy at first with the win, held the title up in mid-air. Looking upon the title, Serif got frustrated and through the title to ground and the show ended immediately. 3 minutes of darkness was shown before the camera was turned back on and filming proceeded, Serif came out and said he felt he didn't win the title fairly at all. Serif let go of the title and then told Bastion Reckonz, Christian Chaos, and Rk-Crazy to get to the ring at once. The men did so and began to fight for the BWB title, a match in which Serif won. Giving him 2 title reigns in BWB over night. Dice was out for months and during his time away, the spotlight was put mostly on Serif. When Dice finally did return, he apologized to Serif and asked for forgiveness. The two became a real tag team and began to help one and other. This first incarnation of the team would quickly be put to an end when a gauntlet match for the tag titles was sanctioned. Serif and Dice would team up to fight in a tag team gantlet match which held the teams of King Ramizez and Sir Kev, Player Z and Kevin Devine, Aj Landos and Rk-Crazy, and Rk-Crazy(returning in again) and Bastion Reckonz. Devine (Prince Kevin at the time) and Z won the gauntlet making them tag team champions again. During the match, Dice gave Serif a cutter to knock him out, giving Kev and Z the pin. Dice called Chaos out and the two began a beat down on Serif, when Crazy rushed to the ring to help, they took him out of the equation as well, saying that WoW was still very much alive and well and that the war would continue. This WoW didn't last long as Chaos and Dice would bump heads again. Dice turned heel again and the two engaged in a long series of matches and their egos collided alot more then necessary. Serif and Crazy would begin teaming up under the name "Team BWB" or "The Saviors Of BWB" to go against Z and Prince Kevin. They'd win that battle, making Serif a two time tag champion in the BWB. The two would soon begin wrestling under the name "KOW Knights" and their victories would far outweigh their losses. Serif began to feel that having the BWB tag titles as well as the BWB USA championship was too overwhelming. Serif gave up his half of their championship and gave it to Rk-Crazy's newly debuted cousin from Romania Doctor Dr'e and those two would go on to team up as the "Komorski Family" Serif would go on to face Crazy again for the K.O.W Championship and beat him for it, at the end of the match Serif turned on Crazy and chokeslammed him, letting Reigns Parade have their way with Crazy. The next week Serif came out at the start of the show to introduce himself as the first ever "BWB Undisputed Champion Of The World" Serif and Dice's feud restarted when Dice urged him to find out who the better man was between the too. The feud went back and forth not showing any signs that either was better then the other and the two were mostly tied. Serif also began a short lived feud with Aj Landos, a feud which would later be taken over by Cassias Chaos. At New York Rumble, all titles were vacated, including the Undisputed.

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