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Razor was an american female backyard wrestler who wrestled in BWB. She was also the on-screen and off-screen girlfriend of both Aj Landos and soon after Cassias Chaos She was the first and only BWB Women's Champion.


Razor entered the BWB as the cheering girlfriend of Aj Landos, who was feuding with Chaos at the time. Razor often sat at ringside watching her man's matches but not soon after did she begin accompanying him to the ring. She entered in the New York Rumble at the aid of her boyfriend Aj, and made superstar Roman Komorski tap out. Razor wrestled Shadow for the BWB Women's Championship at a taping of Carnage and won, becoming the first and only Women's Champion of the company or any of it's carnations. Razor won the title under the ringname "Razor Landos" She would later have that name changed when she began dating Cassias Chaos to "Razor Chaos" or was simply known as "Razor, The Chaotic Chick" When the two began dating, no indication was shown that she had broken up with Aj Landos, which left alot of fans confused. Chaos and Landos would continue to face off against one and other still making no mention of Razor. Razor left the BWB when she moved upstate, dropping the idea of the Women's title as well as the entire women's division. She's credited as the first female to have a match in the BWB or any of it's carnations.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • BWB
    • BWB Women's Champion (1st and only)
    • BWB Hardcore Champion (1 time)
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