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Poison is a american female backyard wrestler who worked in BWB, and was the on-screen and off-screen girlfriend of Cassias Chaos


Poison debuted with Chaos, when he was Christian Chaos. She accompanied him into the ring on two occasions. The first being a triple threat match for the GBYWN West Coast Title and the other being in a match against Aj Landos. Poison would then often be seen in the crowd of people as a part of Chaos's stable "The Rejects Of Chaos" holding up a sign reading either "Christian Chaos IS GOD!" or "Cassias Chaos IS GOD!" She would also often hand Chaos weapons throughout the mist of his matches and help him win. She was mainly used just for the purpose of increasing Chaos's character and had no real voice during her stint in the BWB. She is credited with being the first female wrestler in the BWB or any of it's other carnations.

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