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Ring name Patent
Height 6'3
Weight 288 pounds
Born March 8, 1985 (Age 25)
Billed From The Capitol
Trained By Kurtis Spade and Sterling Silverman
Debut March 2009

John Vaughan better known as Patent competes in backyard wrestling under the Underground Wrestling Organization. He is currently in a tag team with Tray D. Marks better known as Gimmick Infringement.



Patent made his debut at UWO X - May Day, interfering in the Xtreme X Championship fatal four way match. Him and his partner Tray D. Marks attacked the Perfection Selection and Kurtis Spade with chairs, leaving them unconscious. Then they turned their sights to Sterling Silverman. After a failed attempted from the tired Silverman to fight back, Gimmick Infringement put him threw a table with the illustrious signature move, The Royalty Check. All this caused Silverman to lose his Xtreme X Championship to Asylum. Later is was revealed that Asylum paid them for their services.


Gimmick Infringement had their first match at UWO XII - Reborn against L.A. RaZa. They would easily beat Raza and once again put their opponent through a table, which has become a vintage mark of Gimmick. They also wrestled their first SCBYWA match at SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010 in a Crucible match. During this match Tray D. Marks was "screwed" over by the Power Trip as Sean Van at ringside rang the bell too soon costing Marks the win, even though time had expired, thus beginning the "Conspiracy Theory".

"The Conspiracy Theory"

Gimmick Infringement is currently involved in a feud for the SCBYWA Tag Team Championship against the Power Trip consisting of Sean Van and the "Xtreme Franchise" Joshua Chilton. They faced off against them at UWO XIII - May Day II but came up short. During the match Patent accidently hit his partner Marks in the head with a chair leading Marks to get hit with the Power Trip's finishing move. The referee, who was down at the time did not know who the legal man was, thus Sean Van made the pin, and was NOT the legal man.

"Conspiracy Theory" Continues

During the show, UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny after their match against the Scream Team Gimmick Infringement claimed they were victims of a "conspiracy" of how nobody wants to see them as the SCBYWA Tag Team Champions. They then attacked former manager, and now commissioner Paul Pearl for booking them in a T-6 Match at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010.

At SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 Gimmick Infringement would face the Power Trip once again for the SCBYWA Tag Team Championships in a T6 Match. Gimmick Infringement would once again get screwed out of their SCBYWA Tag Team Championships as Paul Pearl called for an "instant replay" that showed both Marks and MiZerY went through a table at the same time. Gimmick would go on to lose the match.

SCBYWA Tag Team Championships

Days before SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) Gimmick Infringement was still without a match. They found and kidnapped newly acquainted SCBYWA Commissioner Paul Pearl and demanded a title shot at WrestleFest. Paul denied them a shot, and spit in Patent's face. Marks then pulled out a shotgun and threatened Paul's life. Paul signed the contract and the WrestleFest match was set.

At WrestleFest II it was the final match of the feud, it was a Three Stages in Hell Match against the Power Trip. They would lose the first fall in a chairs match. They would win the second fall in the Thumbtacks Match. During the last fall it was Last Man Standing. They would hit MiZerY with both of his own finishing moves, and MiZerY could not answer the ten count and Gimmick Infringement would go on to become the 2nd ever SCBYWA Tag Team Champions.

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Checks and Balances (Elevated Cloverleaf with Knee to Head)
    • Patent Pending (Vertical Suplex turned into a swinging neckbreaker or a 360 degree facebuster)
  • Signature Moves
    • Lifting Spinning DDT
    • Short-Arm Clothesline
    • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • With Tray D. Marks
    • Finishing Moves
      • The Royalty Check / 3D - Flapjack (Patent), Cutter (Marks) Combination
    • Signature Moves
      • Atomic Drop (Marks) into Clothesine (Patent)
      • Camel Clutch (Patent) into Knee Lift (Marks)
      • Double Leg-Hook Belly to Back Suplex
  • Managers
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Love?" by Strapping Young Lad [UWO Edit]

Championships and Accomplishments

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