UWO XII - Reborn

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UWO XII - Reborn
Date Held March 26, 2010
Location Summerville, SC
Participating Feds UWO

First match of the night will be contested under no DQ rules, and its for the UWO Xtreme X Championship. The champion Asylum will defend his title against the illustrious and up rising Kid-Saneo. Kid-Saneo is still unwinning in the UWO and says it's because he is more comfortable with a hardcore environment. Will the resident redneck of the UWO overtake the monster Asylum, or will Hellspit's machine continue his reign a UWO Xtreme X Champion. Kid-Saneo vs Asylum - UWO Xtreme X Championship

2nd match of the night will be a tag team contest. The up and newcomers by the names of Gimmick Infringement will march into the UWO with their first contest against the likings of L.A. RaZa and Deadman Jon. RaZa and Jon have never been in a formal tag team contest with each other as partners. Does Gimmick Infringement have the advantage or does the experience of RaZa and Deadman Jon give them the advantage. Gimmick Infringement vs L.A. RaZa and Deadman Jon - Tag Team Contest


The first main event of the night will be Johnny Democracy's last match in the UWO. Johnny Democracy has come a far way from UWO 2. He has sacrificed his body, his well-being, and his lifestyle to help the UWO reach further out and give us a name. Without Johnny Democracy the UWO would be less popular. And in this main event match, Johnny Democracy will take on one of his former trainers Sterling Silverman. These two have had a deep history, but this time, it is the end. Johnny Democracy will take on Sterling Silverman. No Rules-No Limits, No Count-outs, no disqualifications. Expect this contest to have a lot of fighting and to expand farther than the backyarders' desire lets them expand too. Johnny Democracy vs Sterling Silverman - No Rules - No Limits Match, Johnny Democracy's final match as a member of the UWO.

Last but not least D.Lee will officially be invoking his rematch clause and he will take on UWO's current champion Kurtis Spade. D.Lee and Kurtis Spade have no former history but these two should have a great contest as the two will face off, one on one for the first time ever at UWO XII Reborn for the UWO Heavyweight Championship of the world! Kurtis Spade (c) vs D. Lee - UWO Heavyweight Championship


# Matches Stipulations
1 Asylum (c) defeated Kid-Saneo Single No Rules, No Limits match for the [[UWO Xtreme X Championship
2 Gimmick Infringement defeated L.A. RaZa 2 on 1 Handicap Match
3 Johnny Democracy defeated Sterling Silverman Single No Rules, No Limits match
5 D. Lee defeated Kurtis Spade (c) Singles match for the UWO Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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