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Ring name Kid-Saneo
Height 5 foot 10 inches
Weight 145 lbs
Resides The Bayou of South Carolina
Debut 2007

Not much is known about the wrestler. No recorded date of birth, nor birth name on record. Kid-Saneo competes in backyard wrestling under the Underground Wrestling Organization. As of May 2010 Kid-Saneo also tags with a "relative" simply known as Big-Saneo.


The Underground Wrestling Organization

In 2007 Kid-Saneo debut in a singles match against D. Lee who also was debuting. This match was labeled UWO's cruiserweight Challenge. Saneo lost after D. Lee delivered is Moonsault finisher.

Spectre Feud

Second to Kurtis Spade and Sterling Silverman, Saneo's feud with the UWO's mysterious darklord Spectre would have to be the most in depth feud in the UWO.

The Losing Streak

0-1: Lost to D. Lee at UWO III
0-2: Lost to D. Lee and Spectre in a Three-Way Dance at UWO IV
0-3: Lost to Spectre at UWO V
0-4: Lost to Spectre at UWO VI
0-5: Lost to Spectre at UWO VII
0-6: Lost to Deadman Jon at UWO 8
0-7: Lost to Deadman Jon at UWO 9
0-8: Lost to Asylum at UWO 12
0-9: Lost to Bull McBride at UWO 13
0-10: Lost to the Gauntlet at UWO 14
0-11: Lost to MiZerY at UWO 15
0-12: Lost the Rumble at UWO 16

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Acid Drop (Running top rope Bulldog)

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