D. Lee

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D. Lee
Ring name D. Lee
Height 5 foot 8 inches
Weight 160 lbs
Born October 6,1987 (age 23)
Resides Mean Streets of Brooklyn
Debut 2007

David Alicea better known as his ring name D. Lee, Born October 6,1987 in Charleston, SC. D. Lee competes in backyard wrestling under the Underground Wrestling Organization.


Living Room Championship Wrestling

Not really being a federation, D. Lee would wrestling in his Kurtis Spade's living room with friends at an early age portraying their favorite WWE wrestlers.

Early UWO

In 2007 D. Lee would be called up to the UWO by founders Kurtis Spade and Sterling Silverman. He made his debut match at UWO 3 against Kid-Saneo. He would win this move with his now vintage Moonsault.

UWO Heavyweight Championship Reign

D. Lee would win gold at the UWO 9 - UWO Revenge event in a UWO Elimination Fatal 4 Way against Kurtis Spade, Asylum, and Sterling Silveran. D. Lee would end up one of two men, the other being Sterling Silverman after the current champion Kurtis Spade was already eliminated by Asylum and Asylum eliminated by the team Silverman and D.Lee. He would then go to pin Silverman after a moonsault and capture his first title.

UWO Present

D.Lee would lose the belt at UWO Eleven in a triple threat match between Sterling Silverman and Kurtis Spade. This match was to crown the first ever UWO Heavyweight Champion for the SCBYWA show Wrestlefest. The match was won by Kurtis Spade to give him his 2nd Championship Reign. D.Lee's title reign was, and still is the longest UWO Heavyweight Championship reign in UWO history.

Second UWO Heavyweight Championship Reign

D. Lee defeated Kurtis Spade at UWO XII - Reborn for his second UWO Heavyweight Championship, finishing Spade off with the moonsault. However his title reign was short lived as he lost the title 16 days later in a rematch. This UWO title reign is the shortest reign of any UWO Championship in the UWO history.

Hunt for a Third Title

At UWO XIII - May Day II D.Lee invoked his rematch clause against Kurtis Spade after Kurtis Spade's original opponent Mr. MVP did not show up for the show. He would come up just short against Spade losing his Number One Contendership for the UWO Heavyweight Championship.

At UWO XV - Back to the Backyard II D.Lee would face the Number One Contender to the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship Bull McBride. D.Lee would hit his most memorable move ever, as he successfully landed a 12 foot high moonsault onto Bull, however Bull barely kicked out in time. Bull would later pick up scraps on the injured D.Lee and hit his Southern Discomfort to win and retain his Number One Contendership.

Behind Character

D. Lee is a second degree black belt in tae-kwon-do and Ju-Jitsu. D. Lee also is the real life older brother of Bryan Alize'a

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Moonsault
  • Signature Moves
    • Firemans Carry into a Michinoku Driver
    • Hurricanrana
    • I'm So Hood (TKO)
    • Standing Moonsault
  • Entrance Themes
    • "We Fly High" [instrumental] by Jim Jones [UWO Edit]

Championships and accomplishments

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