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Ring name Hall
Height 5'10
Weight 265
Billed From Greenwood, SC
UWO Debut 2010

Hall is a backyard wrestler who currently wrestles in the Underground Wrestling Organization and EMW. Hall is the Co-Owner of EMW, and is a former wrestler in Y2Tb



Hall began his career in Y2Tb alongside angle and nash in the nation. along with nash, hall formed the tag team the 0utZiderz. They quickly became glorified hitmen. Halls first taste of singles success came during the invasion with the alliance hardcore and Tv titles. Hall and nash started working for sugar, interviewer bent on taking over Y2Tb, but that didnt last that long...see, the 0utziderz creed was "if your checks bounce...you bounce" and when austin revealed sugar had gone flat broke...he bounced. The last year of Y2Tb came, and Hall started a crusade to win the Final Word. He became the 2nd undisputed final word champion but the celebration was cut short. The upper managment of Y2Tb announced Hall would face The Great One on the final episode of Y2Tb Curtain Call. Hall and the great one had an epic battle but the outsider couldnt overcome greatness. The bitter enemies embrassed and when the lights started going down on Y2Tb they celebrated together and halls career came to an end....or so we thought.


As things spiraled out of control in EMW, the eWo running things, the Gm was injured, and so much more, Tb revealed a free agent had been signed, and his contract contained a match with anyone any time any stipulations. The Free agent wasted no time cashing in on EMW champion Aj after a brutal fight with Sarge and the ewo. He became EMW champion and put the land of extreme on notice... the outsider was back. Hall won the ultimate sacrifice, winning every title, in a clean sweep. this massive success was just a stepping stone in a greater plan, to create a Federation with EMW's titles. Hall hired a tag team and brought in AJ wayne to create the CWF. the CWF feuded with the eWo for half a year until both sides came to an agreement and the merger took place. the leaders of both sides Hall and Tk teamed to become bad company.

Bad Company

The Tandem showed up in BCW-TNG for one night, hired by an unknown customer, they destroyed the entire roster, Hall broke Mr. MVPs collar bone and floored punisher with a chair. Tk punted lil white, and hit justin gages soft spot with a sledgehammer... four roster members destroyed in one attack led to a restraining order. Shortley after hall quit EMW after being signed by UWO.

EMW Return

Hall made his dramatic return to EMW reuniting bad company to face power trip for the SCBYWA Tag Team Championships. The match was a mistake on halls part because afterwords he was attacked by Tk. Kid cashed in his title shot to steal the final word from hall...but hall didnt let it stand. Hall destroyed the EMW entrance and costed Tk the EMW title. Hall and Sean Van destroyed kid and van won the title


Hall made his UWO debut in a Gauntlet Match for the UWO Xtreme X Championship at UWO XIV - Choose Your Destiny. He defeated L.A. RaZa before being eliminated by Asylum shortly afterward. Two weeks later he and twelve other wrestlers agreed to wrestle exclusively for the UWO. At UWO XV - Back to the Backyard II, he defeated Sean Van and the UWO Heavyweight Champion Kurtis Spade to become the Number One Contender for the UWO Heavyweight Championship.

He would face Kurtis Spade at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 for the UWO Heavyweight Championship, but was defeated after a Fold-Out.

After much work, Hall earned a spot in the main event of SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match for the right to earn the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship. Hall would come face to face with champion Bull McBride and help Bull climb the ladder and lose the match and join the Unholy Alliance known as Prestige.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Bounced Check
    • CrossFace
    • F-5
  • Signature Moves
    • Alabama Slam into a Spinebuster
    • Corporate Clover
    • Corporate Elbow
    • "Hall" Bottom
    • Shoulder Block
    • Spinebuster
    • Stalling Vertical Suplex
  • Entrance Themes
    • "OK, You're Right" by 50 Cent[UWO Edit]
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