Danger Dave

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Danger Dave
Ring name Danger Dave
Height 5'11"
Weight 142 lbs
Born May 26, 1992 (17)
Resides Alberta, Canada
Alignment Face
Debut 2008

Zach Forest is an Canadian backyard wrestler who wrestles forBackstream Championship Wrestling under the name Danger Dave. Danger entered BCW in May of 2008 in its hardcore division and has become the face of said division winning the BCW Hardcore Championship six times. He also became the first person to hold both the BCW Hardcore Championship and BCW International Championship at the same time.

In wrestling

  • Finishers and Signatures
    • The Most Dangerous Move (Inverted GTS)
    • Go To Sleep
    • Death Valley driver
    • Suplex
    • Powerbomb
    • Inverted Death Valley Driver
    • Rock Bottom
    • Spinebuster
    • Brainbuster
    • Stunner
    • chari assisted Leg Drop
    • Van-Daminator
    • Van-Terminator
  • Entrance themes
    • "Carpet Ride" by Dale Oliver

Championships and accomplishments

  • Other Promotions
    • RCW Xtreme Championship (1 time)
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