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Casey Chaos originally began working as "The Fallen Angel" in KCW and later began her career as Casey Chaos in XIW. Casey was the on-screen and off-screen girlfriend of Cassias Chaos


In KCW, Chaos tricked the then-hardcore champion at his home and had him drop the title to her. Casey wasn't very experienced, and neither was any of the KCW wrestlers there. She was a one time hardcore champion and fought in matches against male wrestlers, in most matches she would just be there for comedic entertainment, eye candy, or just to job.


In the XIW she appeared backstage looking for somebody that she identified as "him" On her journey she'd bump into many different XIW wrestlers such as The Sorrow, Low Down, Serif, RC-Flyer, and Dice. Finally she met with "him" and the two embraced in a kiss. This was the last we saw of Casey or even heard mention of her. Her purpose in the storyline is not well known and many can only speculate what purpose she could serve.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • KCW
    • KCW Hardcore Championship (1 time- under the 24/7 rule)
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