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Brandon Lewis
Ring name Brandon Lewis
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born N/A
Resides New York
Debut N/A

Brandon Lewis, is a backyard wrestler formerly performing in 2KW. Lewis is best credited for his time in AGW, where he was AGW World Champion.


Backyard wrestling tenure


Brandon Lewis was arguably, one of the most legendary figures to be in AGW and won the AGW World Championship.

2KW (2007-2008)

On an October 20, 2007 edition of 2KW Saturday, Brandon Lewis made his debut appearance in 2KW executing a witty promo referring to himself cockily as "The Feature Presentation" which he claims will finally air, as shortly, he is interupted by Dubb C who invites him to be featured on his talk show segment the next week called The Spotlight which Lewis agrees to appear on. However, Lewis takes offense at the absence of Dubb C for the segment and issues a challenge which goes unanswered.

Lewis managed Manny Biggz one time to a match just before the end of the 2007 season. Into the 2008 season, he wrestled in his first match which was with Statik to obtain a victory around when he began managing The A-List. Shortly, Lewis took some time offscreen. When he returned, he quickly entered a feud with V.i.P attacking him after a match and following up by wearing his face paint as some sort of pride symbol that he beat down V.i.P and eventually aligned with A-List and Dubb C to devise 4 Star Production. V.i.P's retaliation, despite support for Lewis by his alliance, led this conflict to 2KW Just Another Night, where during the match, Dubb C had tried to aid Lewis though he went on to lose.

Two weeks later, Lewis, who became more snobbish in a very heated promo, was incensed with the management over his suspension for walking out and his dissention after his loss to V.i.P in which he links management's favoritism to his opponent during the match that saw V.i.P perform recklessly without penalty. He claims that V.i.P called it quits and was never coming back. Per his compete or fired condition, he selected a person in the crowd named Adam Pain giving him a deliberate win. Lewis continued to sport around in 4 Star Production until he was discharged by A-List and altogether disappeared from 2KW by autumn.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Turning Side Effect
    • Sidewalk Slam
    • Reverse Suplex
    • Russian Leg Sweep
    • Leg Lock
    • Front senton/sweeping leg drop/tadpole splash combo
  • Nicknames
    • The Feature Presentation
  • Entrance Theme
    • N/A

Championships and accomplishments

  • AGW
    • AGW World Championship (1 time)

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