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Anthony Silva (left) and Damien Sage (right)

Tag Team
Members Anthony Silva
Damien Sage
Name(s) A-List
The A-List
Combined weight N/A
Debut 2008
Promotion(s) 2KW

A-List is an backyard wrestling tag team performing in 2KW, consisting of Anthony Silva and Damien Sage, both of whom are the current 2KW Tag Team Champions in their second reign. The pair is cited for their solid technical tag team offense.




Trial and Error (2008)

In April 2008, Anthony Silva and Damien Sage, debuted in 2KW as the tag team announced as The A-List, employed by villainous manager Brandon Lewis to challenge the newly reformed face team HollyStyles. During their debut match, heel heat and "you suck" chants were received from the audience before losing. After the match despite the loss, they were apparently credited with the win to garner more hostility.

The rookie team began to boldly forge ahead confidently, and base themselves off sexiness, to prove their worth efficiently in the tag division to much ill-reception. Ensuing because they had crossed paths with Zoltan and became an obstacle in the way of the 2KW Tag Team Championship, A-List was shortly attacked by Zoltan during a match. Also, Brandon Lewis had disappeared from accompanying them as their manager. However, the aforemention led to a match with Zoltan which after an impressive effort by A-List, they had lost.

Brandon Lewis returned in late May to encourage A-List, who eventually won their first tag team match over former tag champions Beyond Belief. A-List, Lewis and Dubb C all gradually ally to create 4 Star Productions, a group looking to excel and bragging they were sexier than everyone. Moreover, A-List, despite adept performances, endured a series of losses even with championship opportunity at stake. In October, A-List parted way with Dubb C and Brandon Lewis from their 4 Star Productions group after discharging them, accusing Lewis for being mostly absent in their matches while preoccupied with his own business, promoting themselves claiming they are the most viewed 2KW tag team on YouTube. One or two victories were attained before the 2008 season ended.

Ascension (2009-present)

On March 7, 2009, A-List took on Zoltan and Pyro & Grifter in a Triple Team Tag match in the season's first 2KW Saturday won by Zoltan. By this time, A-List was becoming increasingly favored by the fans which signalled their face turn as they were highly "over" with the crowd. Following their win over Romeo and Rico, A-List upsetted Zoltan and Joe Bullrog teaming with Dread to prevail in a 6-Man Tag. On April 25 at 2KW Divided We Stand, A-List amounted to becoming the 2KW Tag Team Champions finally defeating Zoltan to end their 10-month long tag title reign.

In their first defense, the team defeat Burning Renegades after accepting their challenge and proceed in a tag team rampage to retain the titles against Scorpion and Grifter as well as later NSW's tag team known as The Pornstars. On June 27, The A-List lose their titles to Check and Grifter. Silva and Sage went off their own ways for awhile competing in the singles division, and while so, Sage earned a shot at the 2KW World Championship but lost the match to champion Kris Kage. Subsequently at 2KW Just Another Night V, The A-List won back the tag team titles from Grifter and Scorpion.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Brooklyn Air Raid (Sage executed Firemans Carry on opponent onto a laid Silva's knees)
    • Sexy Senton and Splash (Sage hits a Senton and makes Silva leap over him who then jumps for a splash)
    • Double Kicks to the Head (Kick their opponent, on hands and knees, in the side of head)
    • Bicycle Kick/Yakuza Kick (Double kick their opponent, Silva Bicycle Kicks and the Damien Sage Yakuza Kicks)
    • Powerbomb Lungblower (Powerbomb into Lungblower executed by Silva)
    • 360 Unprettier (Spinning Unprettier executed by Sage)
    • Neckbreaker/Dropkick Combo (Silva executes neckbreaker on opponent, Sage runs in for Dropkick)
    • Sexy Driver (Double Half Nelson Driver)
    • Driving Foot Stomp/Dominator (Silva leaps onto a hoisted opponent, and Sage executes a Dominator)
    • Double Team Diving Foot Stomp (Sage holds opponent, Silva drops with a Double Stomp)
  • Managers
  • Signature gestures
    • Pointing upwards, then to themselves before they rip off sunglasses off face
  • Theme music
    • N/A

Championships and accomplishments

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