BWA 3rd Anniversary: A New Era

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BWA celebrated its 3rd Anniversary with a huge show on July 19,2008. The show was coming live from the Justice Park District in Justice Illinois and it took place in a professional ring. The show started off with BWA President Patrick Eastman coming out to welcome the fans. He was soon interrupted by then BWA Heavyweight Champion, Shooter. Shooter basically threatened him to cancel his match with Domi. Eastman said no and just when Shooter was about to attack him. Domi came out which caused Shooter to run away. Now onto the matches...

4 Way Match For the BWA Tag Team Championships

Axel & Black Wolf Def. El Diablo Verde & El Asso Wipeo, General Joe & Hell Raiser, & James Extreme.

  • This match was strange because James was forced to defend the belts on his own because his partner, The Impact Player, did not show. Cotton Eye Joe & Hell Raiser were eliminated first when they were disqualified when they used a steel chain. El Diablo Verde & El Asso Wipeo were eliminated next when James Extreme pinned Verde after his finisher The Ground and Pound. Then, after battling back and fighting the odds, James Extreme was pinned and here are your new BWA Tag Team Champions, Axel & B.K.I.!

BWA Hardcore Championship Match

X Def. Hardcore Harry

  • X had his work cut out for him in this match. He was defending the Hardcore Championship against an unknown opponent, who turned out to be a special guest. Direct from NWA Underground this was Hardcore Harry! Harry took the fight straight to X. They battled all around the Park area, even in the play area! But, X proved why he was Hardcore Champion when he hit the G2S on Harry for the 1,2,3. But, after the match, Allen Cork came from under the ring and clocked X with a chair and pinned him to win the Hardcore Championship!

BWA United States Championship & BWA Intercontinental Championship Title for Title Unification Match

AO Def. Allen Cork

  • This match was full of hate and had more than the titles on the line. These two men had to prove they were the best. This match was full of high flying moves and stiff shots by both men. No one really knew who would win this match. But, in he end, AO won the match and became a unified champion! But, after the match, X came through the crowd and gave Cork the hardest chair shot in the history of wrestling! He then pinned Cork to win back the Hardcore Championship. After that, Allen Cork seemed to be knocked out bad, and had to be stretchered out of the ring.

BWA Heavyweight Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Shooter Def. Domi, 2 falls to 1

  • It was now time for the main event. Both men knew that this was the biggest match of either mans career. They started out really fast, hitting hard strikes and using alot of mat based wrestling. Until Shooter slapped Domi, then it all broke down. It was a brawl. Then, out of nowhere, Shooter landed an huge piledriver and scored the first fall. He then started laying the boots to Domi and a little later he hit his patented move "I Invented This Move" and Domi Kicked out! He then picked him up to do it again and Domi gave him a back drop. As Shooter staggered to get to his feet, Domi measured him up and delivered a huge Domi Kick! Then the match was tied at one fall a piece. The match went back and forth. Then Shooter went for the "67 Nothing" and Domi reversed it and went for the Domi kick, Shooter then reversed that and landed "The Argo Special" and got the pin fall and the match.
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