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Axel is Bwa's and CSW's biggest Star. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches. Axel has been in parts of other Feds like BEW(Bridgeview Extreme Wrestling) and HDW. Axel has also been partners with Black Wolf,And General Joe. He has held the BWA tag team Champions with Black Wolf.Axel and X has had a feud in the past. Axel nearly broke X's arm, and X has almost ended Axel's career with a devastating chair shot to the head.

Axel is the current BEW Legends Champion. Axel debuted in BWA in 2007. Axel has been in the wrestling feds since 2004-2005. he is filled with hate and redemption. He don't let people in his way. He seeks the BWA Heavyweight Championship.

Finishing Moves

  • Kratos Drive(Supplex into Stunner)
  • Axel Devastation(Backwards F-5 into a RKO)


  • Fat man Role
  • Fat Splash

Entrance Music

  • Alice In Chains - Down in a hole(Current)
  • Black Sabbath - Snow Blind(BEW)
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra(CSW)
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