UBW Doomsday (2009)

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UBW Doomsday (2009)
Promotion Ultimate British Wrestling
Date April 18, 2009
Location Avenham Park, Preston, Lancashire, England
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UBW Doomsday 2009
UBW Salvation 2009 UBW Vendetta 2009

UBW Doomsday (2009) is a fourthcoming backyard wrestling supercard event produced by Ultimate British Wrestling (UBW), which will take place on April 18, 2009 at Avenham Park in Preston, Lancashire, England. The event will be in conjunction with Battle Born Wrestling (BBW).



The primary feud heading into Doomsday is between Extreme Dave and Max Carnage over the UBW Championship. At UBW Salvation 2009, Dave lost the championship in a Fatal Four Way match to Carnage, who pinned Jonny Magnum. On episode 3 UBW Recoil, Dave was interviewed and declared his rematch clause against Carnage.


# Matches Stipulations Times
1 Liam Styles vs. Mr. Insaneo Singles match N/A
2 Cham Pain vs. Jonny Magnum Ironman match N/A
3 Max Carnage vs. Extreme Dave Singles match for UBW Championship N/A


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