UBW Salvation (2009)

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UBW Salvation (2009)
Promotion Ultimate British Wrestling
Date March 14, 2009
Location Avenham Park, Preston, Lancashire, England
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UBW Salvation 2009
UBW Relentless 2008 UBW Doomsday 2009

UBW Salvation (2009) was a backyard wrestling interpromotional supershow event produced by Ultimate British Wrestling (UBW), which took place on March 14, 2009 at Avenham Park in Preston, Lancashire, England. The event was in conjunction with Radical Wrestling League (RWL) and Battle Born Wrestling (BBW).

On the card featured 4 backyard wrestling matches with the primary match scheduled as a Fatal Four Way match for the UBW Championship in which defending Champion Extreme Dave competed against Cham Pain, Max Carnage and Jonny Magnum. The undercard featured an open challenge from Liam Styles and a RWL Exhibition match between Valo and Craig Steele, designed to showcase RWL to a wider audience.



The predominent feud leading into Salvation between Cham Pain and Jonny Magnum. Pain had attacked Magnum after UBW Relentless and had issued an open challenge to anyone in the backyard wrestling world. Magnum had responded to the challenge on the pilot episode of UBW Recoil to set up the match. UBW General Manager Christian Sharpe had added former CRCW wrestler Max Carnage to the match to ensure Magnum would not win. The match was then made into a four way after Liam Styles quit the promotion leaving the UBW Champion with no opponent. Desperate to see someone other than Dave as UBW champion, Sharpe made the match a Fatal Four Way. After Liam Styles returned, he issued an open challenge to anyone in the backyard wrestling world for a match at Salvation.


The first match of the event was between Valo and Craig Steele in an RWL Exhibition match. The contest kicked off with fast pace action for the offensive lead. Valo attempted Black Hole Slam-like manuever which went countered and was eventually hit with a jumping neckbreaker by Steele following up with a scoop slam and suplex. Valo quickly shifted the match after an eye gouge going on to connect with forearms, a leg drop and a Michinoku Driver and continued to take the front despite efforts of comeback by Steele, driven with a German suplex into a standing ladder which after Valo had not capitalized with a pin. Steele fought on the defensive with a headscissors takedown and clothesline. Valo resumed position with a wheelbarrow on Steele, a swanton off the ladder and a Death DDT and achieved an unsuccessful pinfall which caused frustration. After Valo tries for a Canadian Destroyer, Steele counters to an Unprettier and proceeds to hit an effective Running Canadian Destroyer and gained the pinfall victory.

The second match of the event was between Jonny Magnum and newcomer Swinnbad. A tie up begins the match which soon becomes a competitive technical effort from both for the majority of the match with adept technical applications including moves like an Inverted Boston Crab, a Key Lock, Camel Clutch and armbars. Swinnbad, in his debut, impressively seized most of the offense not allowing Magnum to capitalize spearing him down and executing a dropkick and clothesline to keep him down. A chop confrontation had sequeled followed by Swinnbad connecting with a Dragon and Nelson suplex. The tide changed when Magnum countered a pin attempt by Swinnbad and after hitting a few manuevers successed a Skull Fucker. Swinnbad tried to come back but was caught in a DDT. In the end, Magnum hits a stunning That 70's Kick to get the win.

Liam Styles comes out and explains he is scheduled to compete in an open challenge but is incompetence to wrestle due to an injury previously sustained, but Christian Sharpe appears and forces him in a contest with a returning Mr. Insaneo. Insaneo gets ahead by attacking Styles from behind visibly targetting his back with strikes and a back breaker variation. Styles looked to battle back hitting kicks, an enzuigiri and DDT, but Insaneo soon retaliated with a Samoan Drop. Styles fortunately connected with his signature Styles Clutter finisher and seeked victory to no avail. After a leap off the ladder, Insaneo caught him and delivered his Brain Damage finisher and succeeded with a successful pin.

In the main event, the UBW Championship was contested for in a Fatal Four Way match between champion Extreme Dave, Cham Pain, Jonny Magnum and Max Carnage. Before the match, Pain and Carnage conspired to ensure there was a new champion between the two. Dave and Magnum begin on one end while Carnage slaps Pain but both reluctantly shy from battling and observe the match, where Dave and Magnum engage in a technical opening. Dave soon drives Magnum down for a DDT and continues to have a hold of his opponent while Dave and Carnage applaud before shortly involving themselves as Pain darts after Dave and Carnage after Magnum and both exist as a cohesive unit. Pain decides to incorporate weapons such as street objects. Magnum and Dave start gaining advances on their adversaries in the quadruple encounter. There were a few spots conducted in this match including: a Tornado DDT off a ladder onto a road sign which Magnum did to Pain, and a triple way sleeper hold between Magnum, Carnage and Dave. Magnum inflicts damage on Pain with a Skull Fucker onto a tray causing bloodshed and goes on to receive a Stumb Fucker from Dave. The supposed unit made by Pain and Carnage deteriorates when Carnage lashes out at all in his path. Pain goes bizzark with a Jack Daniels sign and attempts multiple unavailing pinfalls on each adversary. The match suspensefully narrowed down to near falls around such time. Magnum and Dave send Pain through a table and collaboratively take out Carnage which puts them out for some time. Dave signals for the end of the match and after executing his finisher going for the pin, Pain drags himself across to interrupt it, ascending to his feet to hit the Pain Game for a near fall broken by Carnage, who tries to finish off Pain but Pain gets a Boston Crab (turned in a Single leg crab) just before Magnum swung by with the Jonny Driver on Pain leading to a pin but Dave breaks it up. Magnum knocks everyone down with ladder shots before speared by Dave for a subsequent near fall. Fatigue took a toll on all combatants, but Magnum managed to hit his That 70's Kick on Pain as an advantageous Carnage scrambled behind Magnum for the roll up and the win.


Match Results Stipulations Times
1 Valo defeated Craig Steele via pinfall RWL Exhibition Singles match 09:15
2 Jonny Magnum defeated Swinnbad via pinfall Singles match 13:21
3 Mr. Insaneo defeated Liam Styles via pinfall Open Challenge 06:53
4 Max Carnage defeated Jonny Magnum, Cham Pain and Extreme Dave (c) via pinfall Fatal Four Way match for UBW Championship 18:33


Germanintoladder.jpg DoubleChokesalm.jpg HalfNelson.jpg StylesCutter.jpg


The event itself was a massive success online premiering with impact garnering over 5000 in viewership in 7 days. Internet fans of UBW were most ecstatic and impressed with the showing of the overall event and the highly acclaimed matches between Valo and Craig Steele in the opener and the main event between Cham Pain, Extreme Dave, Jonny Magnum and Max Carnage for the UBW Championship. Salvation has also been reviewed by fans in videos and continues to increasingly acquire more viewers on a rapid scale.


UBW recorded six more matches on the day of the event for future broadcast.


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