The Renegades

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The Renegades
Members Ace Reed
Shawn Matthews
Danny Madness
Nick Adams
Aaron Foley
PJ Matthews
Name The Renegades
Debut 2008
Promotion(s) Kick Ass Wrestling
Northeast Championship Wrestling

The Renegades is a backyard wrestling tweener stable that originally formed in Kick Ass Wrestling just shortly before officially initiating in Northeast Championship Wrestling, which consists of Ace Reed, Danny Madness and Shawn Matthews, despite his departure from the federation.

The group consolidated in 2008 after The Four Aces fused with additional members PJ Matthews and Aaron Foley, going on to NECW with the merger of Kick Ass Wrestling, Backyard Championship Wrestling and Extreme Wrestling Alliance.

Their gimmick is based on taking a less serious tone backstage and sparking humor amongst themselves to entertain the online audience, displaying sometimes unpredictable behavior, however, are a strung together unit that compete cleanly and omit villainous tactics.



Origination (2008)

PJ Matthews returned from a short retirement and feuded with KAW Champion Ace Reed who had been enemies since the start. At KAW Blackout 96, both were strung together to compete for the KAW Championship. Near the conclusion of the bout, in a comical tone, Reed executed a flying fingerpoke to Matthews and shockingly prevailed while Matthews playfully overdramatized the effect. Following this incident, Matthews and Reed consolidated to form an apparent tag team called the Renegades, and in that process, spectators (or the KAW wrestlers) conveyed their frustrations by hurling water bottles at the both of them. At the end of the event, a message displayed on the screen stating "The Renegades, Are here...".

Rise to Prominence (2008)

The merger between KAW, BCW and EWA occured during June that same month and brought forth Northeast Championship Wrestling, where The Renegades amassed their alliance grouping Danny Madness (one of Reed's prior partners in The Four Aces) as they began appearing on episode 1 NECW Shockwave. On the next episode, EWA Champion Shawn Matthews and The Crippler received booking to confront Ace Reed and Danny Madness in a Tag Team match, but before the match was ended, Shawn Matthews turned on The Crippler and connected with his Gin N' Chronic signature move later enunciating his frustrations claiming he graced EWA with viewership sacrificing his body amongst "second class wrestlers" and wasn't "appreciated or respected". The Renegades stated they respected him and officially welcomed him into the group to kickstart the faction.

Led by Reed and PJ Matthews, The Renegades created their own YouTube account "TheRenegadesTV" and commenced to broadcast their social promos with sparks of sexual themes, and comedic hilarities, the basis of which were aimed to entertain the online community. The faction emphasized their less serious antics backstage mostly opposed to when strung as a brotherhood clique against their adversaries, making their first initial presence at NECW Rebirth 2008, beating down an outside interference who attacked Shawn Matthews during his match with The Crippler for the EWA Title which he retained. Renegade members were also occasionally pit to contend against one another in the same match which they competed in without typical reluctance as partners.

Around such time, PJ Matthews was developing his "I Am Better Than You" gimmick and engaged in a heated feud with John Crosby, EWA Champion Shawn Matthews and KAW Champion Ace Reed were preoccupied defending their titles while Nick Adams joined the group and later Aaron Foley. The Renegades had amounted popularity and was copiously favored in the GBYWN Power 25 as well as overtook the GBYWN website (organized chaos) for a week.

Around fall (where production of media slowed for NECW), Nick Adams soon renounced his position in the group to join the Crossbreeds with a turn on PJ Matthews before he could capitalize during an opposite-ends tag match against each other. Aaron Foley was evicted for losing Reed's KAW Championship. At EWA's Last Show, Shawn Matthews was dethroned of the EWA championship by The Crippler, but went on to victor the Money in the Bank Ladder match at NECW Union 2008, the particular event where Ace Reed bested BCW Champion Murph and EWA Champion Crippler in a Title Unification match to become the undisputed NECW Champion.

Dissention and Stagnance (2008-present)

The Renegades took an effective dissention when Shawn Matthews was offered a full-time roster spot in 2KW after an impressive exhibition match on one of their shows, which Matthews accepted with a trailing reception of "sellout" claims from his peers and those aware of the incident. Subsequently, in a match versus the Crossbreeds, PJ Matthews teamed with Reed sporting his old pants (a remnant of his past) and later after removing them, lashed out on his partner Reed with a lariat, resuming his crazed "Are You Alive" character. Shortly however, PJ Matthews declared that he no longer wanted to be crazy and instead entertain and maintain his legacy in backyard wrestling.

At NECW Adrenaline Rush 3, after Reed retained the NECW Title against Murph, fellow member Madness cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity earned away from Shawn Matthews on day 1 of the event and defeated Reed for the title on day 2. After the match, PJ Matthews came out and consoled Reed in his loss. The two have continued to appear among each other to various events outside NECW.

Renegades TV

This was an online program set up by The Renegades on a YouTube account designed to entertain through their social antics. There were only two episodes that were filmed which include:

Championships and accomplishments


  1. Renegades TV Episode 1. Released on June 17, 2008.
  2. Renegades TV Episode 2. Released on August 5, 2008

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