The Backyard Wrestling Station

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The BackYard Wrestling Station
Acronym TBYWS
Established 2008
Creator D.Miller
Type of site Channel
Advertising YouTube
Current status Active
External links TBYWS on YouTube

The BackYard Wrestling Station (TBYWS) is an independent backyard wrestling channel created in September 2008 by D.Miller. It was given the purpose of its foundation to assist in distributing media for viewers entertainment, promoting federations, as well as showcasing some backyard wrestling potential.



The Backyard Wrestling Station, shortened as TBYWS or TheBYWStation, was founded on September 8, 2008 by D.Miller, who had involved himself watching many videos of backyard wrestling between 2006-2008, most notably, XBW Wrestling, 2KW, and Jersey Wrestling Allstars on top of other federations in the Global Backyard Wrestling News community. He also wanted to own a channel that sustained purpose and that which was devoted to the practice.

Miller immediately began going through the internet to highly promote his station for the next couple of months which worked effectively gaining subscriptions and interest as was promoted under being "the one stop shop" for anything backyard wrestling related and production name "Home Hosting Entertainment" before it was changed to "Recreational Entertainment Sports". However, due to video editing problems, and inactivity of not producing any videos, this collectively was a setback for what was a year. In mid-2009, TBYWS started to reactivate itself. By November, for a short term, Rad Hazard's backyard wrestling webcast Backyard Wrestling Weekly was aired on the channel and retrospective web series TBYWS Retro Recall, both of which TBYWS ceased airing.

On May 14, 2010, TBYWS broadcasted a compilation special entitled, 50 Devastating BYW Moments of 2009.


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