Suicidal Wrestling Clash

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Suicidal Wrestling Clash
Acronym SWC
Established July 2007
Key people Sic Ric
Quinn Carnage
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Formerly New Wave Wrestling
NWW Pittsburgh
External links SWC YouTube Channel

Suicidal Wrestling Clash (SWC) is a backyard wrestling federation operating out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was originally co-founded by Sic Ric, Quinn Carnage, and Focalin in 2007. SWC has had associations with few alternate federations since its incarnation as well as endured name changes.



In 2007, the federation was birthed originally known as New Wave Wrestling by the founding members of Sic Ric, Quinn Carnage, and Shawn Phoenix (Focalin). On July 3, 2007, the federation put together its first NWW event.

The federation's early stages featured a battle with the Conspiracy Theory Kids including Phoenix, Carnage and Zayne, who plotted to kill NWW. Ric for the most part stood at its defense. In the later months, the federation became NWW Pittsburgh after Ric discovered that there was an existent federation with the same name. Eventually in 2009, after a consensus, it was changed to Suicidal Wrestling Clash.

Since the switch, associations with Candlewood Backyard Wrestling, Indiana Championship Wrestling and KPW have all went through adding more depth to their small roster with such talent-exchange and gradually became the super federation alliance, REVIVAL, where members of each federation take a trip between Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. SWC members also attend various backyard wrestling shows and host a prominent recuring chronological supershow called Backyard Supremacy. SWC Ground Zero is the federation's weekly show.

As a part of the GBYWN from 2007, SWC was inducted into the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation alliance on December 16, 2009 on Backyard Wrestling Weekly.

Current champions

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
SWC Championship
AJ Todd


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