Notable BYW Feuds

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Wrestlers: Federation(s): Date of First Match: Notes:
Rad Hazard VS Backyard wrestling
Battle Born Wrestling, Global Backyard Wrestling News
Rad Hazard started a feud with the world of backyard wrestling after his girlfriend Terra Calaway broke up with him. He set out to destroy backyard wrestling due to it's being a "curse", "greed for glory", and "self respect". The Radical Movement faction was started as a union of wrestlers trying to stop backyard wrestling forever. Hazard was kicked out after losing the BBW United States Heavyweight Championship to The Pen Name. After the "war" started, posts on the GBYWN forums hit an all-time low.
RPK VS Skull Jr.
Hybrid Championship Wrestling, Total Hardcore Wrestling
November 29, 2008
RPK defeated Skull Jr. to determine the first NBYWA International Heavyweight Champion. The two fought in a blizzard in a Triple Threat King of the Mountain Match, also involving AC on January 10, 2009. The two faced off in a somewhat infamous Career Match on August 21, 2009. Record is 4-2 in favor of RPK.
Indiana Championship Wrestling VS Tallahassee Championship Wrestling
Some person from the federation TCW challenged ICW's The Pen Name, saying he had the name first and called ICW's TPN a "poser bitch". TCW owner Alex Couture then followed along with these antics calling EXWF (Evolutionary Xtreme Wrestling Federation) "Extreme Wrestling Faggots", and accused the owner, Mike Creston, of having herpes. Creston and ICW's TPN responded by challenging the two. After a series of blogs by TPN and the impostor, the impostor eventually changed his ring name and was then fired. Alex Couture and TCW itself became a laughing stock in GBYWN and backyard wrestling in general. The federation closed by the end of 2009.
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