Non Stop Wrestling

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Non Stop Wrestling
Additional Info
Acronym NSW
Established 2002-present
Management NSW Corp.
Style Park action
Athletic, Technical & Sports Entertainment Wrestling
Wrestling base Ground
Location Bronx, New York
Formerly New York Street Wrestling
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YouTube Channel

Non Stop Wrestling) (NSW) is an independent park action federation founded by Lucky7Pointman and Chris God Damn in 2002 based in Bronx, New York.


Early Years

As opened in 2002 under the original name of New York Street Wrestling (NYSW), the federation was started as a training ground for wrestlers from alternative federations to build their skills upon, as well as offering insights on the internal workings of running an independent promotion from their points of view. During that time, wrestlers included its founders, Lucky7pointman and Chris God Damn, Nick Impact, Bobby Cade, Death and more.

As a self-owned company, NYSW grew from being an complete non-factor of backyard wrestling into one of the top known brands in New York, right alongside 2000 Wrestling (now just 2KW) and Xtreme Street Wrestling (XSW), operating with an open circuit approach welcoming numberous members of other federations to come perform.

Later Years

In 2007, NYSW changed its name to Non Stop Wrestling as well as its look to commemorate the shifting of managerial staff, which was the start of its rise to higher ground. While word spread of the federation's unorthodox approach to the sport, as well as its style of advertisements, NSW structured stars such as Dread, BX Bully Rush, D-Steel, and G-Malo. Though labelled "parkyard", its rather best preferred they are recognized as backyard since it resonates more with people.

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