Marcus Centofante

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Marcus Centofante
Ring name Marcus Centofante
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut 1996

Marcus Centofante is an American backyard wrestler who competes in War Zone Wrestling and New Era.


Backyard wrestling tenure

KWA and its eras (1996-2006)

In 1996, Marcus Centofante, then under a different name, opened up the Kids Wrestling Alliance. Shows were not taped, but done during school recess and weekend while Centofante and his friends were in their youth and mainly having fun wrestling. The federation had also changed its name again to Extreme Wrestling Federation to run monthly programs as still presided by Centofante.

In 2003, EWF acquired a video camera to tape and started hosting weekly shows. Subsequently, Centofante playing two gimmicks - Gangsta and Donovan "Vicious" Valley, unveiled both to become known as Marcus Centofante. In August 2005 with the federation known as Double Hellix Wrestling, Donovan valley (Centofante) wrestled Padro ("Crucible" Chris Ambros) in the main event for an hour in the night of the supposedly last event, Wrestlefezt 5, one of Centofante's enjoyable matches with him stating during his GBYWN Hall of Fame Induction, "We still didn't know a lot about wrestling, but, it definitely felt like at the time that was the best, that was the best of the best."

EWF re-emerged in 2006 briefly as Total Action Wrestling before Animosity Wrestling. The Donovan "Vicious" Valley alter-ego had left and Gangsta took his place, teaming with Padro and feuding against Sean O'Mora, Robby Roberts, Alex Cross and John Dwayne during a major power struggle. This same year, the UCW group discovered well-known backyard wrestling community Backyard Wrestling Link and Centofante eventually got invited to supershows.

Universal Championship Wrestling (2006-2009)

In October 2006, he adopted a lighter 80's Centofante gimmick at his first supershow and incepted to use his experience to further learn as much as he could and tutor those in his federation on different ways to perform. The next month later, Animosity Wrestling became Universal Championship Wrestling. From January to August of 2007, Centofante went to various supershows in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and even wrestled at a week-long supershow entitled Backyard Fest 10, a feat that he shares exclusively with Lee Andrews.

By September of 2007, Centofante was primarily focused with his federation during its growth and occassionally travelled to supershows. He soon captured the UCW Universal Championship and defended it highly actively. He also teamed with Chris Ambros to compete for tag gold as The Wrecking Crew and battled with Brains and Bron.

In 2008, Centofante remained mostly a UCW exclusive competitor appearing at very few shows outside the federation up until August. At this time, Roberts and Centofante involved in a feud after a Triple Threat match where both pinned Sid Blade for the title. They would also win the Tag Titles during the process. At UCW Sky is the Limit, they engaged in a hardcore match credited as one of the best matches in company history. In September of 2008, the federation established a relationship with War Zone Wrestling and Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling. Not long later, Centofante went on winning the WZW Hardcore Championship, the UCW Procore Tournament, and in December, the WZW Heavyweight Championship becoming a multi-time, multi-federation champion.

In February 2009, AJ Badd and Cenotofante entered a feud when Badd attacked him during a match at Wrestlebowl. In May 2009, UCW ended with final event, Last Call while they continued the feud into RLSW. Centofante winded up placing his "career" on the line in a story-filled match against Badd at RLSW No Remorse 4, where he was victorious.

In wrestling

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Championships and accomplishments

  • Universal Championship Wrestling
    • UCW Universal Championship (1 time)
    • UCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Robby Roberts
    • UCW Procore Tournament 5 Winner
  • War Zone Wrestling
    • WZW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    • WZW Hardcore Championship (1 time)

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