Jack Havoc

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Jack Havoc
Ring name Jack Havoc


Height 6'0
Weight 155 lbs
Born 1994 (16)
Resides Illinois
Debut 2006

Jack Havoc is a American backyard wrestler who wrestles in Just Backyard Wrestling. He is the longest holder of the BST Intercontinental Championship. He has also competed in BST and BWA.


BST (2009-2010)

Havoc made his debut right along with his rival Pauly Richards. After defeating Pauly in an excellent match, Havoc was quickly put into a match at No Remorse for the BST Intercontinental Championship against the reigning champion D-Blaze. At No Remorse D-Blaze did not show up and therefore vacated the title to Jack. However, Jack Havoc did defend his newly won belt against the debuting Matt Carlson. After the main event of Pauly Richards vs The Icon, Jack Havoc shocked the world when it was revealed that he had joined with the then BST Heavyweight champion, The Icon, to form The Calling. As a member of The Calling, Jack became one half of the BST Tag Team Champions after claiming the vacant belts.

Havoc continued to defend the Intercontinental title, defeating opponents like Blazin' Jet and Angel Ibenez. At End of the Line Jack defeated to two in a hardcore triple threat to retain his title. But because of the damage sustained by Jack in that match, he was unable to assist The Icon in his ladder match. This may have cost The Icon his BST Heavyweight Championship and would start a series of events that would lead to a break up of the team.

Going into Destiny, Havoc remained the Intercontinental Champion and part of The Calling. In the first round of the tournament for the BST Heavyweight Championship, Pauly had to vacate the belt due to injury, Havoc defeated Blazin' Jet in the first round. In the second round he face his own partner The Icon. Before the match Jack went to shake hands with Icon but he refused and instead slapped him in the face. Icon ended up beating Havoc but losing in the finals to Joe Creed.

The next week Havoc lost a fatal-four way match to determine who would face Creed at Rise of the Fallen. Before the match The Icon announced that The Calling was over and that he would face Jack for his Intercontinental title next week. Havoc would lose the belt to The Icon, this ended an almost 8 month reign as champion. The next week a tournament was set up to crown a number 1 contender. Havoc beat Matt Carlson but lost to Pauly Richards at Rise of the Fallen in a hardcore match. At Rise of the Fallen Havoc became the third member of David Sinn's Sinn City Society.On the next BST, Jack defeated the debuting Twisted Outcast in a huge upset, after the match he was attacked by The Icon.

At Revenge Jack successfully defended his GBYWN Midwest Heavyweight Championship against Blazin' Jet. Jet was also forced to retire after this match. This was also Jack Havoc's last match in BST.

BWA (2010)

When Havoc debuted in BWA, in May of 2010, he defeated General Joe by putting him through a table. In his next BWA match Jack lost to fellow BST wrestler Pauly Richards. Jack and Pauly represented BST at BWA's supershow Supercard of Destiny by tagging against Calvin Storm and CJ Smith. They would however lose this match. The highlight of Havoc's career in BWA came when he defeated Rockin Rivera to become the new GBYWN Midwest Heavyweight Champion; however he would lose this title a month later to Chris Breakdown at BWA: The Final Goodbye.

JBYW and other feds (2010-Present)

In October of 2010 Jack created Ruthless Wrestling Association. In the first RWA show Havoc teamed with General Joe and defeated Chris Breakdown and A Pimp Named Wolf. The next show he won a battle royal to become the first RWA Heavyweight Champion. At The After Party on November 28th 2010, Jack lost to D-Ryda in a non-title match.

Jack ended up teaming with fellow BST wrestler Pauly Richards to bring back The Twins. Under the name Beiber the team defeated General Joe and Jason Witzel (Team Awesome) at BYW > Xmas on December 26th 2010. Bret and Rick continue to tag together, wrestling three matches at CCW: Burn This City. Day 1 the two took on Underrated from Kentucky; in the end they lost when Rick tapped out to a Boston Crab. Day 2 they bounced back defeating HWC's 13 Views. Bret scored the pin after hitting the Never Say Never. In their last match of the weekend Bret teamed with Rick, AO, Mike Wonder, and Chongo to face the -\wakening. Bret landed the teams only elimination by pinning Focalin with a backslide; but ended up getting pinned by Sic Ric after a Hatchet Driver II.

In the official return of NIWA on April 10, 2011 Jack (under the Twin name) got some pay back on the -\wakening by defeating Shooter.

Return of BST (2011-Present)

When BST returned for one show on November 26th 2010 Jack faced rival D-Blaze in a losing effort. Jack is signed to wrestle when BST makes its official return in the summer of 2011.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and moves
    • Never Say Never (Rick: Codebreaker, Bret: Running Neckbreaker)
    • Havoc Driver (Flip Piledriver)
    • Sliced Bread #2
    • Running Neckbreaker
    • Superkick
  • Tag Teams and Stables
    • The Calling (with The Icon) 2009-2010
    • The Scharnhorst Brothers (with Rick Scharnhorst) 2006-2008, 2010-present
    • Sinn City Society (with David Sinn and Papa Josh) 2010
  • Entrance themes
    • "Better Than Drugs" By Skillet
    • "The Next Big Thing" By FM Static
    • "Who's Gonna Run This Town Tonight" By Jay Z (with The Calling)
    • "Re-Education (Through Labor)" By Rise Against (BWA)
    • "Down" By Jay Sean (with Rick Scharnhorst)

Championships and accomplishments

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