Just Backyard Wrestling

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Just Backyard Wrestling
Acronym JBYW
Established 2010
Creator(s) Jack Havoc
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling base 16X16 Base
Location Bridgeview, Illinois
External links JBYW Wrestling on YouTube

Just Backyard Wrestling (JBYW) is a federation based in Bridgeview, Illinois that was started in 2010 by former BST and BWA wrestler Jack Havoc. Originally the name for JBYW was Ruthless Wrestling Association or RWA.


In 2010, after the closing of both BST and BWA, Jack Havoc, along with Pauly Richards, came up with the idea to start their own wrestling fed. RWA recieved their base from the now defunct Illinois fed Bridgeview Wrestling Association. RWA's first show took place on October 17th 2010. On November 28th 2010 RWA hosted their first supershow called The After Party. It was at this show that they offically changed their name to Just Backyard Wrestling. JBYW had another supershow on December 26th called BYW>Jesus' Birthday. On April 10, 2011 JBYW became part of the Northern Illinois Wrestling Alliance when they hosted NIWA 5.

JBYW is a founding member of the Midwest Wrestling Alliance. They have hosted MWA 4 and will host MWA 8.


The JBYW roster is made up of former BST and BWA wrestlers.

  • General Joe
  • Jason Witzel
  • D~Ryda
  • Rick Scharnhorst
  • Bret Scharnhorst
  • Hellrazer
  • BKI
  • AO
  • Axel

Tag Teams

  • Team Awesome (General Joe & Jason Witzel)
  • The Scharnhorst Brothers (Rick & Bret Scharnhorst)


JBYW only recognizes the titles of MWA and the GBYWN.

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