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HGEW Wrestling
Established 2008
Management Feature Shock Entertainment
Announcer(s) Jeff Jefferson
Stanley Sprott
Mike Michaels
Style Variety
Location Scotland
External links Official Website

HGEW Wrestling, is an underground wrestling federation based in Inverness, United Kingdom.




In July 2008, HGEW was formed as a trampoline promotion between friends. Live events were a regular feature of the promotion, with many local wrestlers joining to have some fun. 5 minute highlight packages of the events began to be broadcast on Youtube under the title "HGEW Implosion". President Payne and Hardcore Hudson became the faces of HGEW, main eventing and having the best matches. Other such as Chris Turner and Ryan Shadows became revered in the early days, having the first endurance match in the company history. Turner and Payne began a feud, solely intent on delivering great matches for the fans. Both wrestlers earned each other's respect at the end of the feud and HGEW became solidified as a company which highlighted wrestling.

HGEW decided to take a more serious turn as many wrestlers felt unchallenged and bored of the current regime. An influx of new wrestlers saw HGEW becoming a more variety based product, highlighting various styles of wrestling. HGEW's first major event was Trepidation 2009, which saw JKH win the HGEW Heavyweight Championship. President Payne began a feud with Alex Page which to this day is revered as HGEW's best feud.

Championship Theft, 2010 Hiatus

HGEW held a filmed live event in February 2010, which featured Alex Page vs Zack Arius as the main event. At this point, Page had been working on no contract with HGEW. He walked in to the show with his partner, a team dubbed The Crew. Page defeated Arius, taking the Heavyweight Championship with him. Page left HGEW, and began to travel Scotland defending the championship in minor federations. Without the major championship, HGEW was thrown in to turmoil. Wrestlers no longer saw a point in competing, and all began to leave. A permanent hiatus was announced in March 2010. HGEW then announced that Alex Page had been taken to court and was forced to sign a contract. On July 23, during a training session, Page was confronted by President Payne. Payne attacked Page and announced he will take on Page for the title at the return show. HGEW then went in to another hiatus, due to the sheer fall in popularity of Backyard Wrestling.

Current Champions

Championships Current Champion Date Won Event
HGEW Heavyweight Championship Alex Page 21/2/10 HGEW Live
HGEW Internet Championship Rey De La Guerra 23/7/11 HGEW Live

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