GBYWN World Strong Style Championship

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GBYWN World Strong Style Championship
Current champion Sic Ric
Date won January 30, 2010
Promotion REVIVAL
Associated with Global Backyard Wrestling Nation
Date introduced January 30, 2010
Most reigns N/A
First champion Sic Ric
Longest reign N/A
Shortest reign N/A

The GBYWN World Strong Style Championship is a backyard wrestling world championship assigned as one of various other championships in backyard wrestling alliance, Global Backyard Wrestling Nation (GBYWN) under the strong style division.




At REVIVAL Just Another Supershow 4, the title was contested which saw Suicidal Wrestling Clash backyard wrestler Sic Ric become the inaugural champion.

Title Contention

Coming soon.

Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Location: Notes:
Sic Ric
January 30, 2010
REVIVAL Just Another Supershow 4
Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Sic Ric won the championship at REVIVAL Just Another Supershow 4.

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