GBYWN Mid-Atlantic Championship

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GBYWN Mid-Atlantic Championship
Current champion Sic Ric
Date won April 25, 2009
Promotion Suicidal Wrestling Clash
Associated with Global Backyard Wrestling News
Date introduced April 25, 2009
Most reigns Sic Ric (1)
First champion Sic Ric
Longest reign N/A
Shortest reign N/A

The GBYWN Mid-Atlantic Championship is a backyard wrestling regional championship assigned as one of various other championships of backyard wrestling community, GBYWN. The championship is assigned for contention within the "Mid-Atlantic Territory" assembled by GBYWN, the U.S states known as Pennslyvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.




Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Notes:
Sic Ric
April 25, 2009
SWC Lenny Budd Memorial 2009
Sic Ric defeated Hack Edjamin to win and become first champion.

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