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This is an assembled list of backyard wrestling federations which has been integrated by Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN). In the early days, the community raided the internet to secure several federations to its collective body. It became mandatory after some would submit their promotions and disappear that participation was required in some portion.

Prominently, few of hundreds of autonomous leagues established themselves overtime ascending to the top of the community and becoming an object of inspiration, federations like Trampoline Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling Association, Pro Tech Wrestling (Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling), Kick Ass Wrestling, and Hunter Valley Wrestling Alliance. Today, topflight federations include Indiana Championship Wrestling (ICW), BWA/FWA, Candlewood BackYard Wrestling (CBYW), and Suicidal Wrestling Clash (SWC) to name a few.

At one point, a discrimination developed for lesser caliber and non-serious organizations, much usual in a majority of backyard wrestling, and were sort of rejected for the process of attempting to rectify standards as GBYWN rather stuck to placing attention to more popular and talented federations. That came to an end in the interest of fairness and regard for the sport hobby after a consensus.

Since 2006, approximately 200 federations have joined the GBYWN community with many falling into inactivity or eventually coming to a demise. Currently there are approximately 150 active federations. Here is a list of backyard federations which have been in, or currently is in GBYWN:

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