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Ring name DXD
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born N/A
Resides N/A
Debut 1999

DXD is an American backyard wrestler in X Radical Championship Wrestling and Side Yard Wrestling.



DXD began wrestling back in 1999 in the North Carolina based fed, DWF. After a short time, the owner retired and passed the company down to DXD. His first act was to change the name to RCW, which was later changed to XRCW a few years later. He later made his way to the Virginia based promotion, Side Yard Wrestling, and began an invasion in an effort to annex SYW into XRCW's roster. He would later succeed in taking over SYW only to shut it down after the wrestlers turned down his offer to join XRCW, staying loyal to the SYW banner.

Years later, after building XRCW's roster up, DXD would return to a revived SYW not to take over, but to make a peaceful merger deal with its owner, Money Maker. He again resumed his battles with SYW and eventually he lost his XRCW championship in a unification match to SYW champion, Money Maker.

After years of heated battles, DXD met with Money Maker one last time in a submission match, where the loser would be forced to hand over his ownership of his company and all respective properties of their promotion to the opponent and then retire. After a harsh war, DXD was forced to tap out to Money's crossface chicken wing. DXD's final act before retiring was to be the referee for the SYW championship match between Money Maker and Prime Time.

After retiring, DXD was hired back on to SYW as the Director of Advertising and Marketing. He is in charge of making the promotions and drawing in an audience for SYW's shows.

He has recently expressed an interest in returning to the ring someday, but has not made clear on his intentions if he were given the chance.

Notable Feuds

  • Money Maker - Constantly battled over control
  • Prime Time - DXD's former protege. DXD turned on him after losing control of his own mental capacity.
  • Vincent Angelhart - Fought over the championship on multiple occasions.
  • Eddie Tencza - Never came to blows, but DXD threatened to bury him alive after several "misjudged" calls by Commissioner Tencza.
  • Adrian Rebel - His own brother fought him to step out of his shadow.

Tag Teams/Stables

  • XRCW Invasion Stable - w/ Adrian Rebel, Doug Slusher and Prime Time
  • Apocalypse - w/ Charlie Young and as a stable with Prime Time
  • Teamed with Adrian Rebel for a short while


  • XRCW Champion (holds record for holding the title for 5 years)
  • XRCW United States Champion
  • SYW Champion
  • SYW Tag Team Champion (With Charlie "Shadow" Young in Apocalypse)
  • SYW/XRCW Undisputed Champion

Former Names

  • Dark Wolf
  • D.W.
  • Damien Xion Doomsday
  • The Crimson Killer


  • Chokeslam
  • Torture Rack
  • Fall Away Slam


  • Powerbomb
  • Black Illusion (Falcon Arrow Slam)
  • Cyclone Slam (F5)
  • Cerebral Infection (Torture Rack into neckbreaker)
  • Opening the Gates (Inverted sitout powerbomb)
  • The Master Clutch (Full Nelson/Camel Clutch hybrid)
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