Side Yard Wrestling

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Side Yard Wrestling
Acronym SYW
Established 2000
Defunct August 16, 2012
Key people Jonathan "Money Maker" Moore
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Trampoline
Location Monroe, Virginia
External links Official Myspace
*Official YouTube Channel

Side Yard Wrestling (SYW) is an backyard wrestling federation based in Monroe, Virginia.



The company was founded by Jonathan "Money Maker" Moore in 2000. The organization's ring is a trampoline dubbed "the circled-square".

Besides a roster of wrestlers, SYW also has a couple of workers behind the scenes. Joseph "DXD" Moore (unrelated to Money Maker) when not wrestling, creates the ads and marketing for SYW. Eddie Tencza, SYW's comissioner and commentator, does the video work and editing for all of SYW's shows.

Since SYW's last show in late 2005, it has done an annual show, "Highway to Hell", which was originally its biggest supershow which appeared around April.

As of Friday, August 16, 2012, SYW closed its doors, ending a 12 year run.

Roster of Past and Present


  • SYW Championship - Money Maker
  • SYW Intercontinental - DEACTIVATED
  • SYW Tag Team - Apocalypse (DXD & Charlie Young)
  • Hardcore Title - DEACTIVATED

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