Candlewood Backyard Wrestling

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Candlewood BackYard Wrestling
Acronym CBYW
Established 2005
Key people Bsnow
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Mt. Gilead, Ohio
External links CBYW YouTube

Candlewood Backyard Wrestling, stylized as Candlewood BackYard Wrestling (CBYW) is a backyard wrestling federation that came around in summer 2005 and is based in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. It was founded by Bsnow, Calib Hoffman and Troy Slone. The federation is a member of the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation as well as REVIVAL.


In the summer of 2005, Bsnow, Calib Hoffman, and Troy Slone started running a federation they called Xtreme Hardcore Wrestling (XHW) in a no man's land area in Mount Gilead, Ohio. Lots of matches were recorded that included its wrestlers such as Xwire, Hagard, Jason Sterline, Chris Chillic, and Xcalliber. For a few months in 2006, an intermission period was taken to revamp the federation. In July 2007, the federation rebirthed as Candlewood BackYard Wrestling. Bsnow still on board, was joined by other wrestlers Khatonic, J Kelly, and Bigon.

At CBYW 8 in September, Bsnow defeated Khatonic in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match to become the first CBYW Champion. A week later, Bsnow also beat Khatonic in a Bandana vs. Title match forcing Khatonic to partner with Bsnow leading to the formation of one of the standard tag teams seen in CBYW known as Elite. By January of 2008, weekly show CBYW Avenged began being broadcasted. Throughout the next months, Livewire, Ice Joker, Alex Woggle, Yeti, Tony Sheets, DC Doom, Skeletor, The Bouncer, and Justin Beach joined the roster.

In September 2008, CBYW was compelled to shutter following repettively pressure from local officials in the city. However, the federation returned in October temporarily based in Johnsonville, Ohio until November after finding a place dubbed "The Beach House" to host events in Mt. Gilead and presented the supercard, CBYW Scream.

In February 2009, CBYW Hreatbreak 2, the federation's biggest show, was attended by EXWF wrestler Xcal. This marked the start of travelling to shows held between Evolutionary Xtreme Wrestling Federation, Collision Championship Wrestling and Indiana Championship Wrestling. In May, interpromotional supershow CBYW Just Another Supershow was created and has continued as a chronological series with many attending from Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. In October, CBYW collaborated with ICW, CCW, and KPW to become known as superfederation REVIVAL. Members of the federation has also travelled to other backyard shows outside the aforementioned.

On the December 27, 2009 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly, CBYW was inducted into Global Backyard Wrestling Nation.

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