Beyond Belief

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Beyond Belief
Members Ray Sexy
Kid Carnage
Name Beyond Belief
Debut 2007
Promotion 2KW

Beyond Belief is a backyard wrestling tag team in 2KW consisting of Ray Sexy and Kid Carnage.




Coming soon.

In wrestling

  • Double team signature moves
  • Diving double foot stomp & Teabag
  • Ray Sexay hits a diving double foot stomp to opponent in fireman's carry position & flips off them onto other opponent while Kid Carnage performs the fireman carry to urange backbreaker
  • Vertebreaker & Teabag
  • Wheelbarrow Facebuster & Chestbreaker
  • Shotgun followed into a kick to face
  • Back Body Drop throw into Swanton Bomb onto opponent
  • Manhattan Drop & Running Knee Strike
  • Kick to Back & Nightmare on Helms Street
  • Bridging Facelock & Kick To Head
  • Kicks to Back & Yakuza Kicks to seated opponents
  • Kick to Back & Running Foot Stomp
  • Theme music
    • Get Bucked by Young Buck

Championships and accomplishments


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