BYW Rulz Promo Championship

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BYW Rulz Promo Championship
iw7okx.jpg Graphic used in reference to the Promo Championship. Designed by Jake Xinn of Absolute Championship Wrestling.
Current champion Vacant
Date won August 1, 2011
Promotion N/A
Community/Organization Backyard Wrestling Rulz
Date introduced August 8, 2010
Most reigns The Rizz
Ted Salvo (Tied - 1)
First champion The Rizz
Longest reign The Rizz (292 days)
Shortest reign Ted Salvo (66 Days)

The BYW Rulz (Backyard Wrestling Rulz) Promo Championship is a backyard wrestling Promo Championship as recognized by BYW Rulz. It was first awarded on August 8, 2010 to The Rizz.


In early 2010, a tournament was started on the BYW Rulz forum to determine the one with the best mic skills and become the first Promo Champion of the community. A single contestant was picked off in the decision of a vote each round until the final two, The Rizz and Hung Lo. Rizz won the finals, 2-1, to win the Promo Challenge and become the first champion. After four successful defenses, Rizz was eliminated in the 2011 King of the Microphone Tournament by JLV in the first round, who earned a berth in the finals. Skull Jr. and Ted Salvo also earned berths in the finals after Skull eliminated Shawn Jovi and Liam Doran in the first and second rounds, and Ted eliminated Robb Haize and Mikey Williams in the first and second rounds. Ted eventually won the finals and title on May 27, by the score of 4-0-0. Shortly after the finals, activity on the Promo Championship section of the site became stagnant. On August 1, Ted Salvo announced he was vacating the championship due to a new job he got, which he stated would prevent him from making promos. Since then, Skull Jr. has tried to organize a new tournament.

Title History

# Wrestler: Reign: Date: Event: Notes:
The Rizz
August 8, 2010
BYW Rulz 2010 Promo Challenge
Defeated Hung Lo in the finals to become the first champion. Was eliminated in round 1 of the 2011 King of the Microphone Tournament by JLV.
Ted Salvo
May 27, 2011
2011 King of the Microphone Tournament
Defeated JLV and Skull Jr. in the finals by the score of 4-0-0.
August 1, 2011
Salvo got a new job that would prevent him from making promos.

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