Altitude Backyard Wrestling

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Altitude Backyard Wrestling
2010 logo.
Acronym ABW
Established 2008
Key people Adrian Blaquehart
Tricky Styx
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Trampoline
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado
Formerly BBW Altitude Backyard Wrestling
External links ABW YouTube

Altitude Backyard Wrestling (ABW), is a backyard wrestling federation based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and founded by Adrian Blaquehart and Tricky Stycks in 2008. ABW was a member of large body of federations alliance Battle Born Wrestling (BBW) and dubbed "BBW ABW" before BBW fused with Global Backyard Wrestling News' alliance into Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, which they are now apart of as well. Most of its events are video packaged and available on the internet.


In Summer 2008, The Immortal (Adrian Blaquehart) and The Beast (Tricky Stycks) were the first two wrestlers of Colorado based Altitude Backyard Wrestling that started out competing in wrestling bouts on a single mattress in a bedroom indoors which were evaluated as poor quality. They continued nonetheless to keep the federation going continually trying to improve. In October, the matches were taken outside on a trampoline and uploads started with the first show, Festival of Mayhem 1, considered their official debut.

At the event, The Beast defeated The Masked Bandido and in the main event, defeated his best friend The Immortal for the ABW Championship. These two matches were symbolic when at Festival of Mayhem 2 in November unveiled that The Immortal dawned the masked gimmick to ware down his friend before their championship match. The Immortal in his second trial gradually won the title from him at the Twisted Revelation event in December. K49 and Arlen were few of the new debutants during such time.

On January 9, 2009, during their offseason, ABW was announced to have allied with the large body of federations alliance, Battle Born Wrestling and were labelled BBW ABW. The Immortal was deprived of the ABW Title with the replacement being the BBW Colorado State Heavyweight Championship (and down the line, the BBW Central States Heavyweight Championship in an upgrade by BBW). During this partnership, ABW matches were aired on BBW programming. Additionally, the federation altered to wrestling on the ground prior to a base, but returned to trampoline after it had not seemed to work out.

With BBW's merger with Global Backyard Wrestling News' alliance into Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, ABW, resumed back to its name, was inducted into the alliance on the April 14, 2010 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly.

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