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Nation formed through unification of GDL controlled Eastern Mars colony and Russian controlled Soviet Mars.


With the events that led up to and surrounded The Destruction of Earth, the political situation on Mars changed markedly. The Russian controlled western hemisphere was claimed by rebel Russian forces under the command of Admiral Natasha Ivanova Petrova of the Russian Third Extra-Solar Fleet. Petrova immediately began to bolster the defences of Soviet Mars in expectation of an attack by forces still loyal to Secretary Baguta.

In the GDL controlled eastern hemisphere, the governor of Mars Zentral, Udo Koch gained control of all martian GDL territories and military forces by default, as the only high ranking GDL official left alive on Mars. Upon the arrival of Markgraf Gustav von Paulus, now the de facto Fuhrer of the remnant Reich, Koch handed over handed over supreme executive power but maintained control over day to day operations as well as the fealty of the military.

For the next 3 years, the political situation remained fairly stable. Both sides increased their industrial and production capacity as well as their military forces, however at no stage was there any suggestion of either party undertaking military action. In fact, despite their ideological differences, the two sides seemed to work in co-operation, both realising that if they were going to survive they would need each other's assistance. Early on, Governor Koch had suggested to von Paulus that unification with the Russians may be in everyone's best interests, especially as it would avoid a bloody land war, and even broached the idea with Admiral Petrova, but was, at the time, rejected.

Continued co-operation between the two factions culminated in both sides, along with China and the UISA, agreeing to form the League of Nations, with its operational headquarters located in the newly constructed city of New Berlin, built on the border between eastern and western Mars. The same year also saw the establishment of the Vatican City II in the GDL martian territory of Mars Zentral, after Governor Koch arranged with Pope Benedicta XII to have the Catholic Church, homeless since the destruction of the Earth, make its base in GDL Mars.

One year later, in 2371, with SS forces threatening invasion of eastern Mars and Admiral Petrov's forces still engaged in a bloody civil war, Admiral Petrov approached the GDL administration and agreed to Koch's earlier suggestion of a unified martian government. This new administration, to be called United Mars, or UM, would be a military and industrial powerhouse and certainly able to resist any attempted invasion by enemy forces. Von Paulus agreed and, with the drawing up of the United Mars Constitution, was installed as the leader of the new United Mars government. The former colonial subdivisions were maintained, but these would now form Union Republics under a centralised UM government, based out of the city of New Berlin

Immediately United Mars looked to establish its credentials and arranged a 'food for tech' trade program with China, whereby UM would supply food to the newly formed Chinese colony on Callisto, in exchange for Heaven's Door and Space Station technology. Utilising this technology, and its massive industrial capacity, the UM government had space stations constructed at the L1, L4 and L5 Sol-Mars lagrange points and began terraforming of planets UM scouts had discovered on the fringes of known space.

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