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The threat of the German N2 during and after the Second World War gave the Soviet scientific establishment significant impetus, specifically for hard sciences with military applications. With massive resources being poured into acquiring an effective (and subsequently superior) nuclear missile system, ideological challenges by scientists like Lysenko were disregarded or suppressed. Rocketry experts and physicists languishing in taiga gulags were rapidly 'rehabilitated', or organised into NKVD research and development camps.

Nuclear race

  • Second successful nuclear test in 1948, aided by information supplied by spies inside the German and American nuclear research efforts.

Rocketry program

Early successes and the terraforming of Mars

  • In 1963 the Russians landed the Soyuz III Lunar Module landed on the Moon, and Yuri Gagarin became the first man on the moon.
  • The Russians did not develop their Moon programme, choosing instead to shoot for Mars. In 1989, they established the small Mars Colony Voskhod, where the Treaty of Voskhod was signed in 2006.

Conflict with the Germans in the Chimera system

The Soviet Union today

Soviet Political organisations

The Russian Military

Russian Persons of Note

Russian Territories

Current Russian Characters

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